Are Qana's children screams as they are dying Rice's 'Pangs of Birth' of her 'New Middle East' ?

I said in a previous post that Ms Rice does not know how it feels to have a child and to loose it. I am really sorry and I want to apologize. As I hear Ms Rice talking about the 'Pangs of Birth' of the 'New Middle East', it comes to my attention that Ms Rice was pregnant for a while now and that she is just giving birth at this very moment. The happy father is Olmert and the state of Israel. The process seems however difficult because it has been going on for a while, since July 12th. In fact, Ms Rice have been trying to have a Middle Eastern child for a long time. It started in 2003 with the invasion of Iraq. But this child was practically born dead and, as every mourning mother, it took Ms Rice a long time before admitting this fact. Now, as it seems, after recovering from this initial tragedy, Ms Rice is poised to have a child in Lebanon. Ms Rice is in full labor right now and has asked the father to speak to the press. We have this declaration from Israel's prime minister about the latest developments in Rice's efforts to have a Middle Eastern child:

''...And I have received the full support of the US administration (and 70% of the American public), and the US Secretary of State assures me that she only hears the "pangs of birth" of the New Middle East with every cry and scream from women and children under the rubble all over Lebanon. Secretary Rice has asked for more cries and screams of women and children in the rubble of destroyed buildings in Lebanon because she strongly feels that the "pangs" are very necessary for the birth of its "New Middle East."''

If things were to go wrong for Ms Rice this time, my advice for her is to change the father. This is an incestuous relation and it cannot lead to the birth of a healthy child, let alone a birth 'tout court'. May be she can try switching sides if she really want to have a Middle Eastern child after all. But I know, right now, of no other ME man, potential child bearer and would-be father, who would want this woman. Today, Lebanese prime minister Fouad Sanyura* told her she is not welcome in Lebanon. Hard times ahead for Ms Rice.

*Angry Arab reports that it was a mini-coup from the Lebanese political elite, speaker of parliament Nabih Berri and lebanese public opinion that forced Mr. Sanyura, a US puppet, to make this public declaration.


Anonymous said...

I have diagnosed Ms. Rice's pregnancy and have determined that the fetus is stillborn.

We will have to wait at least another year for the new ME baby.


Behemoth101 said...

Mazel tov!

Ca y est: The birth pangs of one hundred million miscarriages of justice.

The unsexed Lady Macbeth of the West looms over the Middle East with a benign smirk, to her right on a gossimer leash strung with glistening tax dollars, the snapping pit bull of Israeli zealots.

Her afterbirth: the pan-Arabian dolchstass that leaves generations imporverished and hate-filled; the long knife of ersatz diplomacy firmly nestled in the back of the terror-filled, democratic, sovereign nation, among others.

Shhh media... the baby is hemorrhaging...

Sophia said...

Right now they are using the forceps but according to Angry Arab, the baby (Cedar revolution) is already dead

''The unsexed Lady Macbeth of the West looms over the Middle East with a benign smirk, to her right on a gossimer leash strung with glistening tax dollars, the snapping pit bull of Israeli zealots.''
Nice passage !


Behemoth101 said...

I'm told I write like Ginsberg. I wouldn't know. Shoukran.

Sophia said...


Being compared to Allen Ginsberg is flattering but I hope that you are not like him in every other way !

Behemoth101 said...

The gay part or the beatnik part?

Sophia said...

Neither of these. I would say the tormented part !

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