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I am finally back home.

The people of Lebanon including relatives and friends were on my mind all the time. My brother drove us from the airport yesterday and he briefed me on the situation because he was in contact with relatives in Lebanon more than me. Although, I don't agree often with my brother about ME politics, I was surprised to find him agreeing with me this time.

He thinks Israel cannot win this war.

He told me the stories of the evacuations of friends and relatives from Lebanon to Canada. Only Lebanese with dual citizenships were evacuated and it costed 1500 dollars (US of course) for a taxi between Lebanon and Damascus. Many Lebanese consider Hezbollah's kidnapping of the Israeli soldiers as something that shouldn't have been done because it opened the gates of hell for them but after more than two weeks of Israeli bombing they are turning against Israel.

They are convinced that Israel didn't want Lebanese to get on their feet and to rise again as a regional economic power. My brother, who is a businessman, told me that one of the first things Israel bombed in south Beyrouth was a very successful dairy factory and direct competitor to Israel's products in the region. He is convinced that this war against Lebanon is also economic. Israel would like its neighbours to stay underdevelopped, poor and ignorant with no competition on regional and international markets for its products.

Nasrallah is in a position to become a national hero, not only for shiites but also for many Christians and Sunnis.

My husband was very comforting during these difficult times. I remember him reacting with indignation at the decalaration of Ms Andy Epstein, a British jewish 'humanitarian' worker in Haifa on the BBC saying that Israel was under the threat of a powerful ennemy of 200 millions Arabs who want to drive Israelis into the sea (an old zionist propaganda) and at the same time refusing to condemn Israel's bombing of Lebanese civilians claiming that she was a 'humanitarian' worker and couldn't express political opinions.

My husband was furious about how a European channel like the BBC allows such people to give their overtly biased comments for a wide audience. Sky News seemed to be more balanced in its reporting than the BBC. There are also bloggers who are trying to correct Israel's image. I am not wasting time reading them and it amuses me that they are reading me. Good Luck. Israel wil be loosing, not only the war but also every bit of its 'nice image' in the European Psyché.

There is however a feeling, among Israelis, that this is the first time there is a real menace on Israel, entertained by their media and zionist old myths: Arabs wanting to drive them into the sea. This false feeling and staged menace is also reinforced by the fact that never before Hezbollah guerrillas were able to reach Haifa and never before Israel had faced a war in which there is no assured and definitve victory. Israel had fought regular Arab armies before and won easily. This time it is fighting an organisation which is a hybrid between a clandestine organisation and a regular army.

Whatever the reasons for this war, accidental or planned, there are some certainties. Israel had this plan prepared before and, long before, it was eager to get rid of Hezbollah (with US sponsored UN resolution 1559) which it sees as a real menace. Also, Hezbollah might have not expected such a response to the kidnapping of the soldiers, they surely have set the time for this war and it was probably not Israel's choice.

Israel had never lost a war against its Arab neighbours before. For this reason, the psychological mood in Israel is set for a rapid, immediate and definitive victory. Citizens are all behind Olmert convinced that victory is at reach. What would be the reaction if Israel is engaged in a much longer war where victory does not have precise contours ? They don't even ask themselves this question. Moreover, the objectives stated by Israel in its war on Lebanon are not clear because the elimination of Hezbollah cannot be considered as a clear objective achievable in a short time, worse, no reasonable person believes that getting rid of Hezbollah is actually getting at the root of the problem and resolving the Israeli-Palestinian and Arab conflict. However, the Israeli public are being told this and they are massively behind their leaders because they think that the end of their problems is near !

Blogger Ur-Shalim has a link to pictures of ultra orthodox Jews signing bombs destined to Lebanese children and civilians. Other bloggers, like Angry Arab have linked to pictures of Israeli children writing wishes on Israeli bombs destined to Lebanon !

I read The Economist in the plane.  Their analyses show that Israel is in a dead end and if it is going to follow the US's foreign policy which is never to talk to the real people involved in the conflict but try to fabricate puppet leaders and talk to them like it did with Arafat and with Hamas and like it is doing now with Hezbollah, Iran and Syria. Israel will be going nowhere in the peace process, even with a self declared military victory, something that Isareli leaders must do unilaterally at some point to save their face. During this time, more civilians and children will be killed and Hezbollah will emerge politically the only winner from this nightmare.

One might ask what is the purpose of the US's and Israel's absurd policies in the Middle East ? The only reasonable answer is to exploit the tensions of this region to fabricate endless wars.

By their policies, the US and Israel are fabricating not only wars but also the conditions for long lasting wars.

I absolutely need right now another vacation. We were sick, my husband and I. We were worried and we devoted almost about two to four hours per day to the news following the unfolding of the Israeli criminal agression on Lebanon. The only relatively good time we had was in Berlin (four days) when all the family was reunited and the shadows of war seemed so far away, eclipsed by the joy of being together !


Anonymous said...

Sophia , welcome back. Israel will not win this war , that is for sure .

This is a lose-lose situation for everyone, there will be no winners. I hope that the Israelis will come to the conclusion that there is no military security for anyone in this age of missiles. Only true security will be in a just peace for everyone.

Israel has undeclared objectives, in this war. The bombing of the UN post in Khiam was done , I am sure, to discourage and delay the deployment of new UN forces along the border. Israeli ground forces are now moving beyond Khiam to Hasbaya to reach the Litani and the headwaters of the Wazzani. Control of this area is vital to satisfy Israel's thirst for this scare resource. They will I am sure alter the flow of the streams in the area ,as they did before, towards Israel.

Lebanese people are emotional now , sectarian politics will after this is over rule the day again in Lebanon. God help us.

The corporate and State media are nothing but mouthpieces for the state in Britain , the US and now Canada. They understand what is at stake.

The US empire is in the throes of collapse. It cannot live with high oil prices and it is only a matter of time before inflation rages again , rates rise, and the credit bubble bursts, and the US currency collapses. Every economy in the West will be affected and it will take years to recover. Globalization has interconnected everyone even more.

Bankrupt politicians can only govern when they distract their people with hate and fear. Arabs and Muslims are the Jews of the 21st century.

Lebanon is the latest pogrom and will not be the last.


Sophia said...

The problem is that both in victory and in collapse, it is the people , ordinary people, who pay the price for imperial hubris !

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A qui profite le crime ?
Je vous le demande…

Si ce n’est aux extra-terrestres Israélo-satanistes qui contrôlent la maison blanche, et leur laquais locaux tels l’odieux cheikh barbichu de Koreytem

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