The blogs I am reading now on Lebanon and Big Brother watching me

When I am depressed about the political situation in the ME I read professor As'ad Abukhalil and the Mideast Memo. Abukhalil never looses his sense of humour and the Mideast Memo is funny in his own way.

After making a short mention of my last minute visa troubles to transit by train in Belarus, I had the honor of a visit of my blog of nearly three minutes from Minsk, Belarus. There was never before a visit from this country to my blog and it came less than three days after the relevant post appeared on my blog. I am sure some of my 'well meant' regular Israeli readers, who comment to redress the negative facts about Israel every time there is a critique of Israel on this blog (and it happens very often), might have mentioned the post to their 'colleagues' and 'comrades'.

I will be posting soon on the situation in Lebanon. I am digesting the info now.

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Anonymous said...

So you think the Elders of Zion told the Belarusian Secret Police to spy on your blog?

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