Blogs round-up

This is just to let my readers know that Aron's Israel Peace Weblog is in motion and it is worth reading this voice. My advice is to start the first reading by the July 15th post.

Xymphora on how Israel started the war by sending its soldiers on a suicide mission inside Lebanon where they were actually captured by Hezbollah in perfect legitimacy ! Now this hypothesis is the opposite of the one advanced when the war began where the capture of the soldiers was done by Hezbollah inside Israeli territory ! It seems to me more plausible ! Israel started the war, otherwise how one would interpret Hezbollah's actions ?

The Arabist reproduces an article from Salon on why Israel's 'justification' for bombing Lebanese civilians is a LIE !

A desperate call from the Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem, found on Juan Cole's.

Latuff's cartoons on Finkelstein's website.


Anonymous said...

Xymphora, which sees the International Zionist Concpiracy as a fact (e.g the post that claims there is a Zionist agent in Mark Warner's presidential campaign) is just about as reliable as Fox News reporting on George W Bush.

[Translation: credibility is zero]

Sophia said...

You are commenting from Jerusalem. I can see some bias in your evaluation of Xymphora unless you provide substantial evidence, not only as to Xymphora's credibility but also to yours and to zionist credibility in general ! Why would I believe a zionist and not believe an anti-zionist ? I think the way policies are being conducted by zionists and their neo-con friends in the ME, as well as their lack of apparent logic and reasonable objectives, are the best proof as to the existence of a zionist conspiracy against Arabs !

Since March 29th 2006