Message to Ms Rice: 'I have no respect for the killers of children and for the people who support them.'

I heard Secretary of State Condi Rice today saying that dismantling Hezbollah is getting at the root of the problem and is the necessary condition for an enduring peace.

Please can someone give Ms Rice some history and moral lessons ?

First: Hezbollah was founded in 1982 as a resistance movement to the savage Israeli occupation of Lebanon. One should also be reminded that the Shia of Lebanon, at that time, have welcomed the Israeli occupation only to turn against it when it became obvious that this occupation was not only against the Palestinians but also against all Lebanese and against Lebanon and when it became obvious that this occupation was brutal, unhuman and tyrannic. So it seems to me that the root of the problem is the Israeli occupation of Lebanon and its brutality and in that regard, Hezbollah is a creation of Israel and not Iran !

Second: Ms Rice seems to ignore that the root of the problem is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the absence of any solution to this conflict except the Israeli sponsored solution which is the isolation and marginalisation of the Palestinians until exhaustion or until they stop asking for a just solution. Ms Rice seems also to forget that many countries in the ME don't have normal relations with Israel and that this state is in a continual war against its neighbours. Ms Rice seems to forget that this matter is about sixty years old. Or may be Ms Rice thinks that the history of the ME starts with Hezbollah ?

Third: Ms Rice seems to find that bombing civilian populations and children in Lebanon and bombing the Lebanese infratsructure, which is trying to get on its feet after 15 years of a civil war conflict, is morally acceptable. Worse, she made it clear that not only this bloodshed is morally acceptable but also that Lebanese have to be conscious that the US is going to hold a ceasefire and authorize israel to bomb the population as long as Hezbollah is not dismantled according to UN resolution 1559. Does Ms Rice know how many UN resolutions Israel brushed aside since its existence ? (thanks to an anonymous commentator on The Middle East Memo blog).

Of course she does but she prefers to ignore it or at least to feign ignorance. However the people of the ME don't ignore these facts. They don't ignore now that not only Israel is morally bankrupt but also western governments for their double standards and their hypocrisy. How do western governments want to make friends wiht these populations ? Certainly not by making friends with their submitted rulers.

One thing I heard today from a leftist friend who is an ardent defender of Israel's 'right to exist' made me think that something had changed with this Israeli war on Lebanon. To my great surprise, I heard this friend telling me with tears in his eyes: 'I have no respect for the killers of children and I am not going to have any in the future for the state of Israel neither for its supporters.'

Does Ms Rice know how it feels to have a child and to see her die under the bombs ?


Anonymous said...

If the root of the problem is Israel's occupation of Lebanon, the problem was solved on May 25, 2000. After that, Hizbullah can't claim legitimacy. It is a terrorist organization.

The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is a serious problem. It may legitimize the abduction of soldiers from the Gaza border, but not from the border with Lebanon.

Anonymous said...


The Israeli soldiers were captured from an area that is recognized as Palestinian territory by the US ,Canada and most of the nations in the world. The 1947 UN partition plan is still the only legally regognized borders of the State of Israel and Palestine.See

So much for legitimacy. Israel has violated Lebanon's sovereign territory on an average of 3 times daily since its forced withdrawl in 2000. Let us see how long they stay this time. Rice has just signalled to everyone that there is not going to be any diplomacy but a diktat.

I fear that it may be be a long time before Israel withdraws .


Anonymous said...

That is totally false. The 1967 borders, not 1947, are the ones recognized by the international community.

Anonymous said...

Anon if that was the case then why does the US ,Canada and the world's nations not move their embassies to West Jerusalem. Under the 1947 partition Jerusalem was an international city not Israeli territoy.

Israel's legal case is sadly lacking.

The war crimes continue against my poor nation.


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

A predestined name.
“Never sticks.”
Like Madison Avenue’s favorite Uncle Tom marketing icon.
Funny how the tag-line on Uncle Ben's box even says “Converted Rice”.
And I thought Israel’s ancient Pharisaic Law forbade proselytism…
But hey, as a leading Dixie intellectual famously said, miracles do happen!

Anonymous said...

Vic, thanks for the humor .

I want to cry but I can't. I am sure you feel the same.

Your humor is always welcome regardless of the occassion.

I like Henry Bellafonte's phrase of the "house slave" when he described Colin Powell. The same can be said of Rice.


Anonymous said...

A little story about Israel's effort to win hearts and minds in Lebanon that I got from my uncle yesterday.

A week ago in Sultan Yaoub in the Bekaa . The Israelis bombed a furniture factory and killed the owner. The next day as he was being buried ,Israeli helicopters came and fired on the funeral at the graveyard . The mourners had to scatter dropping the body. They had to come back the next day to bury him.


Anonymous said...

Thanks ‘Issam,

As the French used to say when faced with tragic events “better laugh of it than cry over it”…

Yeah, Matilda’s favorite libertine Jamaican poet rules!

May Allah, Zeus and Raël keep him in their eternal mercy.

El Doktôr

Wolfie said...

Sophia I would like to offer you my condolences for the tragedy that is unfolding in your homeland; I hope that your friends and family back home are and remain safe and hope for a swift and peaceful end to all this madness.

One thing is for sure; Rice is not there to make peace for anyone and I very much doubt that this attack by Israel was not "Green-lighted" from Washington at the planning stage, probably months ago.

The odd thing over here is that the TV and papers, many blogs too are backing Israel but I've not met a single person who supports it.

Behemoth101 said...

Condi's real tragedy is that she is, in fact, a highly-skilled politician with enough international experience for several lifetimes. A quick glance at her resume or wiki article tells us that. Plus, the lady speaks like five languages or something absurd like that.

I think you make Condi out to be stupid. Her record proves that she is indeed an erudite individual. However, the policies she engenders are highly rooted in the Bush administration's neo-conservative dispensationalist outlook. In other words, politically speaking, she is a prostitute on the casting couch of Republicans.

Behemoth101 said...

Oh yeah, and Herr Doktor, you also forgot Xenu.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

“[Prime Minister] Fuad Sanyoura gives Rice a huggy-huggy and a kissy-kissy in this photo from Assafir. What is this all about?” asked a leading Lebanese resistant.

As the man famously said on June 23, 1942:
The last veils behind which enemies and traitors operated have been torn apart. The stakes are clear for each and every citizen of our nation: the outcome of that war will be complete independence or eternal slavery. […] I am confident that we shall prevail … and that traitors [in government] who collaborate with our enemies will be punished…Such a victory is worth all the efforts and sacrifices we are making today

Sophia said...

Behemoth, Issam and Victor,

I find Ms Rice's willingness to accept being called Dr. as an attempt to cover her total lack of expertise for the job she is doing. Nobody needs a title other than the one of secretary of state of the most powerful nation in the world unless she thinks she is not qualified for the job !

Sophia said...

Thanks Wolfie. My relatives in lebanon are safe but their life is very difficult. There are no regular communications, no grocery products as usual, no gaz, no electricity all the time but they are thankful they still in life. I lived this life for about six years during the civil war and it is exhausting morally and physically. It is mainly deploying a lot of resources and energy in order to survive waiting for the horrors to end.

Sophia said...


''The odd thing over here is that the TV and papers, many blogs too are backing Israel but I've not met a single person who supports it.''

Correct. I think the Israeli and pro-israeli propaganda is useless. People are not stupid but Israeli and pro-Israeli propaganda are gearing for a White House style propaganda and communication strategy, totally disconnected.

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