New Qana massacre with Rice's 'benediction'

Qana: Biblical artefacts

After another massacre performed by Isarel in Qana, the Lebanese government signaled to Ms Rice to stay away from Lebanon until she asks for an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

Last year we visited Lebanon and Qana. It was after a 23 years absence for me and it was the first time for my husband and children. We took the decision to visit around Christmas 2004 and when Hariri was assassinated in february 2005, I hesitated. I started to have nightmares related to my experience of the civil war in Lebanon between 1975 and 1981. My husband and the children were however awaiting this moment for a long time and also my relatives in Lebanon and I didn't want to disappoint the people I love most. I also felt that, given the new conjecture, chances to visit the country in a peaceful time were diminishing again. So we kept our plan.

Despite this, the emotional journey started in my mind well before the real one and I was very anxious. This is where I was born and led a happy life until the gates of hell opened one day of 1975 at a time I was 17. At that age, I witnessed combats, bombs, terror and the unfolding of unthinkable tragedies. At that age, I witnessed my mother's illness and early death at the age of 42, I witnessed the departure of my younger brothers to a foreign country, forced by my father's legitimate concern not to see them indoctrinated by violence at an early age. I witnessed the deep sadness of my father and mother, I witnessed my own descent into despair until, one day, with the help of my father, I left for France hoping for a better future for me, for my family and for my country. My little brother joined me and my father stayed in Lebanon guarding the house and the land until hostilities stopped in 1990. This is when he decided that he was going to retire, from responsibilities and from Lebanon.

My husband knew all this and he decided that we were going to approach the scene of my happy childhood and my later torments step by step and he designed a journey starting with Cyprus then extending to Syria and finally approaching Lebanon from the Damascus-Baalbeck road. It was very smart of him because approaching Lebanon this way gave me time to digest my emotions in a wider context and to rationalise them. And he wasn't the only one taking care of my well being. When we arrived to Lebanon, my brother started to call from Canada on a daily basis inquiring about us. Needless to say that the tender care of my family and the warmth of my Lebanese relatives made the journey a wonderful, albeit very emotional, experience. We drove 6000 Kms in a country which is 200 Kms long and 80, at the most, wide. This is because going from one village to another required sometimes taking very tortuous and mountainous roads or descending towards the littoral before joining another village in the mountain. We litterally visited evey small village from the south to the north. The country is so beautiful and diverse in its small surface that it does not allow the visitor respite inviting always to visit more of it.

At the end of our stay we took a hotel near the Souk in Saida to discover the south. This is when we visited Qana. Qana is sadly known for the massacre that took place in April 18th 1996 when Israel willingly bombed civilians who took refuge in a UN compound. There are two bilbical sites in Qana. We visited one of them. Around the site, a little boy improvised himself a guide and his mother sold us printed material about the site. From the site, Israel is in sight. At the hotel, owned by a Christian, they told us that Israel targets Qana because of its biblical importance. We heard the same thing in Syria when we visited Ebla where Italian Academics dug and still studying an 8000 years old city with a library containing manuscripts in three ancient languages, one of them related to the most ancient of semitic cultures in the region. Israel is always contesting these archeological findings.

You can see the wounds open and the pain when you visit Qana. This dusty village, where the famous biblical wedding took place, symbolises the endless suffering of both Lebanese and Palestinians.
Israel knows very well what it is doing by bombing Qana. It is making sure the wounds will never heal ! But Israel can be sure that as long as the wounds are open and even when they will heal, if they will heal one day, there will be no forgiveness to Isarel's war crimes and to their immoral backing by Bush, Blair, Rice and Collaborators !

Landscape with probably Israel as seen from Qana.


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Qana is the place where this “weird Jesus cult” started when the beloved King Herod ruled over Israel.

His modern successor, Prime Minister Olmert, probably couldn’t resist the subtle symbolism: razing Christianity’s birthplace on a Sunday… Yeah that would be grand! The faithful few in Washington would surely love it!

Sophia said...

Hi Victor,

I am sad and angry. We are being massacred while the world is watching ! Now Is time for moral evaluations. This 'war against terrorism' has produced more terror, masscares and tragedies than any terror plot, past, present and future.
This is real terrorism, terrorism with means and frontpages and justifications not terrorism in a cave !

Anonymous said...

Sophia, The pain is unbearable but our love for our poor tortured country will never cease.

Massacres of innocents have always been used by the Israelis since Deir Yassin to terrorize the people and force them to flee. The Israelis will have another massacre to add to their war trophies.

Sanyoura needs to ask the US ambassador to start packing. This massacre at Qana is their responsibility. We can do without their friendship and assistance.

God help us all.


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Just heard the IDF’s spokesman on radio.

Interestingly, he called this little Lebanese town “Kfar Qana”.

“Kfar” is a highly racist Hebrew word which literally means “inferior peasant” or “gentile” (this original Jewish concept was later adapted and adopted by Islamic fundamentalists the world over in its Arabized form: “Al-Kâffer” which translates as “dirty Infidel”).

Made me want to puke.

Anonymous said...

Kfar means village. There's a town in Northern Israel called Kfar Qana (Qana Village), which explains why many Israelis mistakenly call the Lebanese Qana Kfar Qana too. One of Tel-Aviv's most prestigous suburb is Kfar Saba. Kfar doesn't have a negative conotation.

Behemoth101 said...

An excellent, moving post. Keep up the good work.

Since March 29th 2006