Once again, the US and Israel are breaking eggs in the ME

It is clear by now, that the US and Israel might have planned, since the Cedar Revolution took place in Lebanon in February 2005, based on the US’s and its Lebanese allies pretences of a Syrian implication in the assassination of Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri, to weaken Syria and Hezbollah altogether. Doing this is clearing the way for a peace process between Lebanon and Israel without having to engage in peace negotiations with Syria but rather imposing Israel’s will on this process, very much like what Israel is doing with the Palestinians, continual war until exhaustion and acceptation of the Israeli will on the peace process without Israel having to make any other concession than the cosmetic ones who fit only on western newspapers front pages.

However, like in Iraq, things didn't go the way the US and Israel expected them to go in Lebanon after the assassination of Rafiq Hariri. First, after more than one year of a UN investigation into this assassination no claer implication of Syria was found. On the contrary, a recent discovery of the implication of Israeli secret service and Israeli agents in car bombs and assassinations in Lebanon as well as their infiltration of radical islamist groups was found relevant enough to be of interest to the UN investigation. Second, the national dialogue between Lebanese factions to disarm Hezbollah under the tight patronage of the US didn't succeed. Third, in the wake of the first Lebanese elections after the Syrian forced withdrawal from Lebanon, the Christian camp, usually united, appeared divided with a clear lead by the former lebanese general Michel Aoun who fought Syria when others, now clear opponents of the syrian regime, were busy trying to please this regime. Last year I traveled in Lebanon. Despite an electoral victory on the national level boosted by the alliance with the Sunnis and their leader Hariri, Christians viewed and still consider general Aoun as their natural leader and they viewed the recent alliance passed between Chritsian Lebanese Forces leader Samir Gea'gea and Saa'd Hariri as giving the lead to Hariri and the orders of their destiny to outside forces to whom Hariri holds strong allegiance, namely Saudi Arabia.

Today, General Aoun accused Israel of silencing the Lebanese army radar in order to smuggle arms and weapons to the Lebanese forces militia with whom Israel has strong and historic ties of collaboration and training. I hear western journals and western leaders accuse Syria and Iran of providing logistic and military help to Hezbollah, but this fact of Israel providing arms to the lebanese forces militia is not mentioned.

What will happen next ? Nobody knows and I am not going to make predictions about the situation, but one thing is sure; if Israel will not be able to 'finish the job' for which it invaded Lebanon, namely the destruction of Hezbollah, militarily and politically, it will still try isolating Hezbollah by planting fear in Lebanon. The Israeli bombings of Christian areas in lebanon was a preparation to this.

Once again, even if this war might have been planned, as Israeli generals, quoted by Yahoo news today, say, it may not lead to what Israel and the US expect. Israel, even if it understands very well the Palestinian society, never really understood the organization of the Lebanese society. A situation out of control is developping right now in Lebanon under the watch of the international communuty whose only concern is again the 'security' of the Israeli state as if Lebanese lives mean nothing.

A worrying trend in the West is indeed to consider that Arab lives are less precious than Israeli lives. Anybody who listened to the unauthorised conversation between Blair and Bush might have drawn this conclusion: finish the job with Syria, Iran and Hezbollah by wrecking an entire country, Lebanon, its infrastructure and its people.

And again the decalarations of the Israeli general are clear as to Isarel's intentions of getting rid of Hezbollah by the means of terrorising Lebanese. Olivier Rafowicz, official speaker of the Israeli army, says:
"This military campaign is based on preparations we realised on intelligence we collected over few years. Israël must keep its power of deterrence and show hostile Arab nations that there is a limit to their actions.'' he didn't say what is this limit as Arab nations are not initiating war on Israel but clearly the limit he is mentioning is about Iran's nuclear capacity. Once again, Israel, like the US, acts unilaterally in matters that should only be treated at the UN. He goes on: We hope that Iran and Syria understand that helping Hezbollah is unacceptable.''

Oh, but Israel wrecking Lebanon, an easy target, in order to teach Iran and Syria a lesson is quite unacceptable! Israel killing of more than 300 Lebanese, and the numbers will be going up in the following days, because the US's capacity to finish its job in the ME, invade Iran and Syria as well as answering Ahmadi-Nejad's provocations, is quite limited right now (Afghanistan's and Iraq's 'liberations' are still unfinished)!

Why I am not hearing this in the Western media and in Western public opinion ? Because Arab lives are quite cheap these days.


Anonymous said...

Too many innocent lives have been lost on both sides. All life has worth. Were you this incensed when innocent Israelis were shredded by suicide bombers? 10,000+ rockets aimed at Israel for defensive purposes, no doubt. So many people cry over the loss of their innocents. What crap! What hypocrisy!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly with your posts on Israel aggression.

I am equally concerned with these atrocities, and support the Lebanese people in this time of great tragedy.

Great blog.



Anonymous said...

The Israeli American diktat is plan A. It is plan B that distresses me. The Americans as the inheritors of the West's leadership of this latest crusade and the Israelis see the present state system as "fragile". They will seek to dismember Lebanon if they cannot control it.

We cannot prejudge the outcome of the international investigation into Hariri's assassination but I have always had the suspicion that the Israelis were behind his assassination. Look for them to free their agents that are jailed in Lebanon during this war.

As for Geagea , he is totally discredited in the Christian community and if he resorts to his old tactics he will find very few people willing to give them their sons to again destroy Lebanon and kill innocents, not to mention other Christians.

These "Injun " wars will continue unfortunately until the present Western leaders are voted out of office. The SUV culture is no longer sustainable.

It was disgusting for Siniora to only blame Israel for its war crimes in Lebanon. I wish he had the decency to blame also its US sponsor who gives it weapons free of charge so Israel can kill our civilians and destroy their infrastructure. If he had any balls he would threaten to resign if this war continues.


Gert said...

Nothing new about collusion with Christian militias, is there?

Keywords: Phalange, Sabra, Chatilah...

Aaah, the convenient Judeo-Christian
(d)alliance, they love it in the US Bible Bashing Belt...

Without some redress of balance of power, the Arab world will slowly (be) dissapear(ed).

Gert said...

With love from Israel, the US and the UK to Lebanon...


Anonymous said...

It's honourable to be killed by nice American bomb.

It's disgraceful to be killed by
dreadful Hezbollah bomb.

Killed by a Hezbollah bomb. That's terrorism.

Killed by an American bomb. That's DEMOCRACY!

Abu Bahîm Ab Rûti Al Bahâr Al-Carribi said...

Salut Sophie,

Comme je le craignais, les principaux oulémas Wahhabites du royaume de Séoudistan viennent de publier une fatwa soutenant explicitement la politique d’agression Israélienne.

Il faut reconnaître la prescience hors du commun des théologiens racistes et réactionnaires de la radio libanaise FM 93.9, à la fois « pro-gouvernementale » et pro-Bush, chère au cheikh Saad Al-Hariri, qui appellent discrètement (au nom du principe Islamiste de la « Taqiyyah ») depuis la fin des années 1990 au nettoyage ethnique des zones chrétiennes et chiites du Liban, de préférence par la prédication et la conversion par voie soft/persuasive (« Al-Lisân »), puis si nécessaire par le fil de l’épée (« Al-Sayff »).

Hariri avait plusieurs années d’avance sur les Ben Jacob et les Ibn Séoud réunis : l’élève a dépassé le maître !

Since March 29th 2006