The US ''War On Terror': A Tragic Farce

Something is puzzling me in the American public opinion. They are being told that the Isareli war on lebanon is a ' war on terror' because Hezbollah is a terrorist organisation and they are believing it as they believed the rationale for war against Iraq!

Unlike Al-Qaida, Hezbollah never threatened western countries and westerners in their own countries. This is a movement born out of the 1982 Israeli occupation of Lebanon, rooted in lebanese society, representing a big part of the 40 % Lebanese Shia and his goal is to end the Israeli occupation in Lebanon. Hamas is very much alike as a movement. They never threatened western interests outside the context of the Israeli occupation and outside Palestine ! Moreover these two movements are legitimate, elected by the people in the kind of democracy the US is so longing for in the ME and participating in the political process democratically. A while ago I wrote a post on the differences between islamist organisations in regard to western interests and security.

And while Al-Qaida enjoys relative calm in Afghanistan where it was left in the guardianship of very few American and British soldiers and later that of NATO, the US went to war with a country that never attacked it nor any other western country, left it in chaos and is now moving to back israel in its destruction of Lebanon. All in the name of the 'War On terror' which is being sold again and again to the Americans !

Don't get me wrong ! This is not a 'War On Terror' to make the west more secure. This is a war in which, real terror threatening the west is left unharmed with frequent appearences on western TV channels and continued terrorist plotting against western interests inside western countries, while resistance movements like hamas and hezbollah, representing the aspirations of the people in the nascent and fragile ME democracies which are Palestine and Lebanon, are fiercely fought with civilian population and infrastructure in their countries indiscriminately hit !
To every critical mind, things appear as if the US and its unconditional allies, Israel and the UK, are keeping real terror in a jar, using it as an excuse to seed and inflict terror both at home to tame opponents and abroad to rein in recalcitrant public opinions and regimes ! Don't you call this REAL TERROR !

P.S. You can read also blogger Aron about this subject !


Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

Hi Sophie,

Sharp & timely analysis.
As usual.

Also Re: the alleged “radicalism” of Lebanon’s Shiite masses that can only increase in the future following Bushmert’s systematic bombing of civilian areas, Lebanese blogger-poet M. Bachir. said the following:
“The seeds of internal strife are being sown?!”. [I think it was on a thread in EDL’s Banana Republic Blog]

To which I replied:

I’m afraid the proverbial “seeds” were sown long time ago, when heartless Maronite Christian bourgeois types, their feudal Druze partners (“Al-Eqta3 al-Durzi” whose bon vivant Lords often indulged in the habit of raping the daughters of their Shiite slave laborers…) and/or conservative Sunni Seljuk and Ottoman friends (who committed what must be called a systematic genocide against Lebanon’s Shiites throughout the Middle-Ages, forcing many amongst the survivors to convert to Christianity [see history books e.g. by Princeton’s P.K. Hitti and the AUB’s K. Salibi] for the “Jesus cult” was [is??] viewed as a lesser evil by most hardline Sunni thinkers) started using racist expressions (with no equivalent outside Lebanon, not even in uber-Wahhabi fundamentalist spots such as Riyadh or Karachi) such as “Klâb Matâwleh”, “Mushreqeen Râfidah”, or more colloquially “Shi-tiq-tiq wa Shii3a”…

Lebanon’s pathetic political elites (names such as Hariri fils, Herr Jumblatt, Mr. and Mrs. Gaga come to mind) can’t blame “Iran”, “Hezbollah” or orgone rays !

If they’re really looking for the root cause of what they call hypocritically the “tragic situation in the South”, they need only to look in the mirror.

Sophia said...


I read this one on Bashir's. Excellent comment with the usual 'verve'.

I would like also to post about Awn's article in the WSJ. Basically he says that they have reached an agreement with Hezbollah which answers all western objections as to lebanese sovereignty, Hezbollah's arms and so on... What I liked in what he says is that this agreement is one year old and nobody in the Lebanese governement neither in the White house wanted to study carefully the agreement and try to build a peaceful lebanon on this basis. Clearly, the neo-cons and their Lebanese collaborators were only interested in War !

Sophia said...

On top of my link list you can find a link to a boycott campaign against Israeli goods. Everything starting with the bar code 729 is made in Israel. Can you check the link and spread the word ?

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