End the Israeli-Arab conflict now: an urgent call signed by internationally renowned personnalities

Because the US, the first power in the world, is an integral part of the Israeli-Arab conflict, siding with Israel no matter the circumstances, and even intiating wars in the middle east on behalf of Israel and asking Israel to do the same on ist behalf, it is becoming clear to everybody by now that the US is incapable of playing the role of a honest peace broker in the region. The EU was and is still absent from this scene trying to work out its internal divisions and to catch up on the US's hegemonic new role in the region and the world. The future is grim in the middle east. It is this context, I believe, that pushed the signatories of the following decalaration to unite in one voice calling for an immediate settlement. I am translating here their statement as published in French by le Monde. The list of the signatories is long (more than 140) and include, as you can notice, many personnalities from across the globe and the political spectra; ex head of states, ex prime ministers, ex ministers, ex ambassadors, etc...

The text, which is my translation from French here, is also in English at the site of the International Crisis Group who launched the initiative

Bringing the Israeli-Arab conflict to an end

We are calling, as the middle east has been going through its worst crisis ever, for an urgent action from the international community to come up with a global settlement to the Israeli-Arab conflict.

Except the extremists who prosper across the world stage by exploiting the rage generated by this conflict, we are all losing. Every passing day is taking away from us the perspective of a peaceful and durable solution. As long as this conflict will last, it will engender violence and instability in the region and beyond.

What should be done to end this conflict is well known to everybody. It is founded on United Nations Security Council Resolutions 242 (1967), 338 (1973), Camp David agreements (1978), the 'Clinton Parameters', the Arab league initiative (2002) and the roadmap put forward by the Quartet (UN, US, EU and Russia). The objectif should be: the full recognition of the Israeli State within its internationally recognised frontiers, the end of the occupation for Palestinians and the creation of an independant Palestinian state, viable and sovereign as well as the return of the Golan heights to Syria.

We reckon that it is now the time to summon a new international conference, ideally at a very close date, during which all countries and actors concerned by this conflict can study and discuss the elements of a global peace agreement and reengage in negociations.

However, with or without such a conference, some measures can be and should be implemented immediately by these actors:

- Give their support to a unity government in Palestine and end the economic and political boycott of the palestinian Authority;

-Engage Israel and the palestinian leadership in discussions, under the patronage of the quartet and with the participation of the arab league and main regional actors, around the rapid amelioration of security and the recovery and the revival of the Palestinian economy;

-Engage the Israeli government and the Palestinian leaders, under the patronage of a reinforced quartet, around essential political problems which represent real obstacles to a final settlement;

-Engage, at the same time, the reinforced quartet, Israel, Syria and Lebanon in discussions examining the bases on which settlements between Israel and Syria and Israel and Lebanon can be reached;

Nobody underestimates the inextricable charcteristics of the core problems neither the intensity of the sentiments they evoke. To settle the Israeli-Arab conflict and avoid the terrible consequences it entails, and will be entailing, we desperately need new ideas and a strong political will.
List of signatories...(two pages)

Among them:
Frederik de Klerk, Desmond Tutu, John Major, Michel Rocard, Jacques Delors, George Soros, John Hume, Shirin Ebadi, Roland Dumas, Gerard Collins, Jean Chrétien, Jimmy Carter, Shlomo Ben Ami, Boutros Boutros Ghali...

P.S: The people of the middle east are paying a heavy price for the end of the bilateral world and its new unilateral domination by the US and its closest ally Israel and their unwillingness to bring peace and justice to the region. Ms Rice, US secretary of state, who has lost credibility in the region the day she called the savage bombings of lebanese civilians by Israel 'the pangs of birth of the new middle east' and whose country refused to call for a ceasefire to alleviate the suffering of Lebanese from the Israeli agression, is doing another visit to the area, shaking the hands of puppets and dictators and threatening the 'ennemies' of the US while Gaza in in complete chaos and civil war. The civil war between Palestinian factions is being fed by the Mossad and by the advanced state of decomposition of the Palestinain society due to daily bombings by Israel and to international economic and monetary sanctions by western countries refusing to allow the Palestinians to be governed by anybody else than by a corrupt organisation. Palestinian children are dying and nobody is paying attention. Iraq is in full civil war with more than 150 000 foreign soldiers (mainly form the US and the UK) on its soil watching and participating in the barbarisms committed in the name of democracy and freedom. Across the world, Muslims are being subjected to humiliations and provocations related to their faith and to a negative image of their religion projected by some western extremists who want to create an ennemy of Islam and reinforced by some Muslim extremists who are not a majority but who are presented as the mainstream in their religion. Moreover, a war is looming with Iran and with this war, the Israeli-Arab conflict seems to be set on a dangerous path with the risk of further complications in other sensitive areas like Pakistan and Afghanistan and the rest of the world.

The middle east is dying, the region that is the craddle of western civilisation is decomposing under the weight of underdevelopment forced upon it by a long and bloody war with Israel and by internal civil wars initiated by the US, negative préjugés, zionist hegemonies and new western crusades initiated by an alliance of interests whose main objectives are the capitualtion of the region and its Arab and Muslim population to the best interests of Israel and the
US's military and oil industries.


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