Pope Benedict XVI is visiting Turkey under extreme security measures.'

'The Turkish authorities have imposed tight security for the Pope's four-day visit, with the measures even more stringent than those for the 2004 visit of the US president, George Bush.
Turkish police have set up positions along the road from the airport to Ankara, while snipers have been placed on top of buildings and hilltops.'

Pope John Paul II made the visit before him and it went nearly unnoticed at the time. This is why Benedict publicised the event by attacking Muslims, Islam and the Prophet.


naj said...

:) I see you are politiposting Sophia, that's great.
I am busy doing homework. But I am always happy to see your new posts.
What does Popalpatine mean?

Sophia said...

Palpatine is the name of the senator in Star Wars who turned out to be the dark emperor at the end.

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