Jumblatt contradicted by an Al-Qaida statement

Half an hour after Jumblatt declared to the AFP that the syrian regime is behind the Katioucha fire that hit Israel from south Lebanon and which was followed by an israeli bombardment on palestinian camp Naamé, south of Beyrouth, a lebanese branch to Al-Qaida group in Irak proclaimed responsibility for the firing.
Jumblatt is becoming really silly, still accusing Syria of every bit of unrest in Lebanon, even though the syrian army left Lebanon months ago and Syria is under international pressure and on the defensive. However, what is going on in Lebanon makes me think that after the syrian army and intelligence apparatus left Lebanon, the country became like Irak, a theatre to every militant and intelligence group who have political and military interests in the region. Jumblatt's attitude is irresponsible if not comical. Either he has a quasi-obsessive fixation on Syria or he is deliberatrely playing in the hands of a specific foreign country, enemy to Syria and who has interest in keeping the pressure on the syrian regime. At this point, Syria has at least four declared ennemies in the region: Jordan and Saudi Arabia because of their crusades against arab non sunnis regimes, the united states and Israel.
Welcome to the multi-occupation of the new lebanon !

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