Sharon to be operated

From Le Monde: Sharon is to have a light intracardiac procedure to treat a cardiac lesion provoked by the blood clot that rushed him into hospital a week ago and impaired transiently his speech. Likud leaders are casting doubt on the ability of Sharon to fill the position of prime minister for the next five years if Kadima, his new party, is to win the elections scheduled this winter.
From Haaretz: ''The physicians also said they had discovered a congenital defect in Sharon's heart, which apparently led to the stroke. In the next few weeks, Sharon will undergo cardiac catheterization to seal the "hole" in his heart, and minimize the danger of having another stroke.'' His personal physician also confirmed that: ''Sharon had gout. Gout, which is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the joints that can cause great pain and inflammation, is sometimes caused by the high consumption of foods such as red meat (the meat of the flesh of palestinians*), wine and cream. Sharon has been taking daily medication for gout for the past 20 years that prevents the joint pain.''
* My words.

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