Why Haaretz is interested in the recent french riots ?

After giving an interview to Haaretz in which he describes the french rioters as ungrateful, a menace to the republic, an ethnic bunch black-black-beur, Finkielkraut gave fade apologies to Le Monde who reported his interview to Haaretz, just enough to prevent some anti-racist associations from taking legal actions against him. However what strikes me, despite the recent revival of his views by Nicolas Sarkozy, is the continuing interest Haaretz, a journal of the israeli left, is having for Finkielkraut's declarations and, beyond, for the french riots. Right at the beginning of the riots, Haaretz spoke of an Intifada. Despite the many differences, and the possible amalgam one might be tempted to make by drawing a common denominator based on religion and ethnicity, what the intifada and the frech riots have in common is a state of an imposed social and economic apartheid on young people in a police controlled society where race and skin colour, as well as religion, can be a reason for arbitrary arrests and detentions.

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