Bush urges Abbas to remain in office despite Hamas win

"We'd like him to stay in power. I mean we'd like him to stay in office. He is in power. We'd like him to stay in office." Our puppet man...

Yes ! This is not a joke, it is a title from Haaretz today ! It speaks volumes about US standards for democracy. It speaks volumes on how the US considers palestinians and their former leader, a subhuman population who must take orders, it speaks volumes about the democratic process in the US itself where the 2000 election was stolen by Bush !
And no, this is not a joke, go and read here !

I don't know why Hamas's victory upsets Israel and the US. At least, Israel can go on and continue the unilateral 'peace process' and the US does not have to talk about peace in the middle east anymore and do nothing about it. Or may be they don't like to recognize their own defeat and they don't like to deal with leaders who will not be their puppets !

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