Completely staged last minute talks between the UN and Iran before the strikes

Kofi had a conversation on the phone with Iran's president in what appears to be as a last attempt at keeping the door open for negociations ! I don't believe in all this hypocritical diplomacy. I think Kofi should leave because he is not doing his job properly and I think his phone call is to show to the world that he did something actually to prevent the catastrophe, pure whitewashing. Many specialists believe that there still a lot of room for negociations but the US and its european allies (to a certain degree), as well as the western media, have become the kings of provocation by humiliation. They know very well how to deal with third world leaders zealots like Saddam and Ahmadi-Nejad and so they know what should be said and done in order to provoke the kind of reaction they want for their 'diplomacy'. Didn't you notice that this scenario works always with stupid and demagogue leaders. Of course, these leaders are elected by their people and not by the US (one may also wonders...) but their election comes after a process in which the country is repeatedly humiliated so the public opinion sides with politicians who promote confrontation as a way to restore honor and dignity to the country and its citizens ! So, in a way, the US helped elect Ahmadi-Nejad as it helped maintaining Saddam's regime in Iraq through sanctions, as it is helping the cohesion around the syrian regime by recurrent humiliations and attacks on Syria...International diplomacy US style is a cycle of humiliations and provocations leading to military intervention, all this with the blessing of the UN !

Now, Is Israel going to strike Iran ? May be yes, may be no...I say yes !
However, the most important question in my opinion is why is it Israel that should launch the strikes ? Geographic proximity ? Couldn't the US launch these strikes from their many military bases in the Middle East and in the Gulf ?
The fact that Israel would launch the strikes is known. It has a symbolic weight because when it comes to nuclear facilities, the message is: nobody should challenge Israel in the region.

The other message is: Submission to the US line of policy in the middle east, if you don't submit yourself to this policy, you are in trouble. It is extraordinary how the US have been promoting authoritarian regimes in the region like those of Saudi arabia, Egypt and Jordan while threatening others with a freedom delivery plan by the 'sword' and by the bombs and the occupation like they did in Iraq !

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