A deadly bomb in southwestern Iran

A bomb exploded in the southwestern oil Iranian city of Ahavz, a place Ahmadi-Nejad was scheduled to visit, killing eight people. Iran is accusing Britain. There have been some mysterious bombings during the last two years in Iran, not as lethal as this one.

This approach is akin to that of foreign agents operating in Lebanon. On the internal level, it is meant to destabilize a regime and a country and provoke social and military unrest. It could be seen as a part of the overall tactic to push foreign interests in the country by other means than a direct strike because it is anonymous. On the intergovernmental level, it is meant to intimidate, escalate tensions with other countries and eventually to kill. Israel initiated this kind of killing in the palestinian territories and it called it 'targeted political assassinations'. It served Israel well since it touched many leaders of palestinian groups fighting Israel and killed (or at least this is what is being suspected) the palestinian leader Yasser Arafat facilititating for Sharon the withdrawal from a negociated peace with the palestinians. However an anonymous bombing, even when it misses its target, can still produce its effect on the internal level destabilising the country.

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