Israel is leading the international community toward rapid sanctions against Iran

Israel is preparing a package of sanctions against Iran to present to the international community

''Some of them are as follows:
* Sanctions against Iranian oil exports. According to the defense establishment's analysis, an oil embargo would hurt Iran more than it would hurt the West, since Iran's economy is wholly dependent on oil. Moreover, Iran refines little oil itself, so the country also depends on imports of refined products. Sanctions would cause oil prices to rise, but no country depends wholly on Iranian oil.
* Banning Iran's soccer team from this summer's World Cup.* Denying visas for foreign travel to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Iranian officials involved in the country's nuclear program.
* Halting the IAEA's technical cooperation with Iran on nuclear issues.
* Restricting landings by Iranian civilian aircraft. Israel believes it is necessary to increase the pressure on Iran by confronting it witha clear threat, as opposed to the vague warnings uttered to date. The Iranians have toughened their stance in the months since Ahmadinejad's election, first verbally withdrawing from their agreement with the EU to halt uranium enrichment, then resuming uranium conversion (the first step toward enrichment), and now resuming enrichment research. But at each stage, the West has reacted rather than issuing clear warnings in advance. Israel argues that this order should be reversed.''

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