Israel is making sure Gaza will be hell to Palestinians

Recently kidnappings of western humanitarian workers took place in gaza with no harm but lots of anguish and fear. Now Haaretz is publicizing the news that terrorrists trained in palestinian camps outside Palestine are entering Gaza. How would anyone with a reasonable amount of doubt believe that israelis having full control on the Ins and Outs of this vast prison that Gaza is are actually missing all this terrorrist activity, those who hunted and assassinated palestinian leaders in their homes wherever they were one by one ?
The pattern is clear, Israel is making sure that the entire world will notice that palestinian society is lawless, that palestinian are not capable of self determination and ruling. All this in adavnce of the elections that will see hamas and Fatah rebels, critics of the corruption and the bowing of the PA, on the rise. Israel is preparing by having its own agents and some palestinian thugs do the dirty work of destruction and destabilisation while disinforming the world about what is really happenning in Gaza !
''Weapons experts in Palestinian terror groups who have undergone training in Lebanon, Syria and possibly Iran have recently infiltrated the Gaza Strip, a senior security official said.The official said that after Israel pulled out of Gaza, several Palestinians who had attended training camps run by Iranians and Hezbollah members entered the Strip, apparently from Sinai. Both Iran and Hezbollah have invested a lot of effort during the last few years in assisting terror organizations in the West Bank and Gaza, helping them manufacture explosives and high-trajectory weapons such as Qassam rockets and mortar shells.''

Don't forget thta before bowing to international pressure to open the border between Gaza and Egypt Israel asked and obtained full video control on the border. So all this might be happening before their eyes !

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