Israel wants you to believe that the victory of Hamas will stop the peace process, however the process never really existed

Amir Oren on Hamas's victory
Bitterness, bitterness, bitterness... but didn't they want Hamas to be elected when they enjoyed crushing palestinians and ignoring Yasser Arafat. Despite their uninterrupted complaints, Israelis cannot throw the palestinian people and now they will have to deal with a more radical group than the puppets of Fatah. Otherwise they have an additional problem and not an easy one. Israel's walk into peace with the palestinian is fuite en avant . How can they still ignore the palestinian people and their rights and how long will they do so ?
As one commentator from Sweden wrote about Oren's analysis: ''So force the Hamas out and you have eliminated the PNA and the International Community and the International Courts will have to settle the "conflict", as you call the occupation, according to International Laws, Treaties and UNSCR`s. There you don`t have a leg to stand on.''

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