The media coverage of the Israeli-palestinian conflict: lots of news and little information

A friend was telling me that it is unfair for other conflicts that the Israeli-Palestinain conflict gets a big coverage in the news . I told him that the news are abundant but there is very little information on what is really going on in this part of the world.
For now for example, while people still chanting the Gaza withdrawal and the prouesse of Sharon and praying for Sharon calling him a 'man of peace' the situation is still worsening.

The palestinian territories are sinking into chaos. That was the step two of the Ariel Sharon's (presently in a vegetable state) 'peace process':
Step 1: withdraw unilaterally some 8000 settlers from Gaza with full media coverage and military discipline and gain international sympathy.
Step 2: put more settlers in the West Bank where some 30000 israelis will settle this year with the benediction of the international community. Imprison some 800000 palestinians in the West Bank, infiltrate Gaza to plant chaos by kidnapping and more unrest. Make life hell for Palestinains. That will facilitate the election of more Hamas candidates. Show that the Palestinians are not capable of self rule, that they elect terrorrists. This will kill definitely any international pressure toward a just peace with the Palestinians.
On all this, media coverage and the international community are blind, deaf and mute !

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