MP officer accuses the hierarchy of the abuses commited at Abu Ghraib

"We did what we were told to do." Says Military police officer in her recollections of duty at the Abu Ghraib prison. Nazis also told this to the Nuremberg tribunal except that the Nuremberg tribunal was dealing with high ranking Nazis. The US is trying to pin down the atrocities commited on Abu Ghraib prisoners on low ranking officers. When the Hierarchy will be tried ? We need a Nuremberg kind tribunal to put on trial Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Wolfowitz and the whole chain of command.


Earl said...

Bin Laden is almost certainly dead, and for several years. But he serves the U.S. purpose of giving a face to an enemy, just as Saddam did. The latest tape ia also a fake, as were foregoing ones. But Bin Laden pops up at times when he is wanted by the spin machine. And, many still believe the B.S.

Earl said...

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