The PNAC was conceived before Bush took power and before the Twin towers

The Project for the New American Century (PNAC), drawn up for a neo-con think tank including Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld and W's brother Jeb (this means it was Jeb who was sought for the presidency) and advocating an American control of the gulf region at any cost, was prepared in 2000 for the turn of the century Before Bush took Power and decided to find WMD in Irak then turned his decision, afterward, to regime change and then turned it again to exporting freedom to the Iraqi people.

This explains why republicans cheated in the 2000 elections, there was too much at stake here. I am not saying that democrats might not have been tempted by such a 'nice' project but the neo-cons wanted to do it their way, the dumbest way possible ! But can somebody tell me now how Bin Laden was able to read the neo-cons minds ?
It is evident that without the attack on the Twin Towers it would have been difficult for Bush to invade Iraq and initiate the PNAC.

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