Sharon's health condition in the media: A perfect example of information or disinformation ?

On January the 9th, Le Monde, a french newspaper, lauded the way Israeli authorities are giving all the medical information about Sharon, mocked the secrets surrounding the health of Bouteflika, the algerian president, and the death of Yasser Arafat.

I find it Ironic that Le Monde is Taking the surplus of information about Sharon's health as information. In Israel, some people are starting to think that the overflow of information about Sharon is actually delaying the catastrophic news to serve his party Kadima in the polls. The fact that Sharon will be incapacitated or will die soon may be catastrophic to the newly formed party in the long run. All the bits of information given every day about Sharon are in fact retarding the fatal moment where the truth should be told. This is being done in order to capitalize on people's sympathy for a fallen man and to make defections from Kadima back to other parties difficult if not impossible. This is an ugly political manipulation of public opinion and I an surprised by Le Monde's false and hasty judgement !

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