Stupid Neo-cons !

John Bolton is asking Syria, and I am not kidding, to disarm Hizbollah in Lebanon. In April 2005, the neo-cons, with their lebanese allies, warlords Jumblatt and Lebanese Forces and Hariri, pushed Syria out from Lebanon. Now they are asking Syria to disarm a resistance movement in Lebanon. They don't fear to be ridiculed or they count on people's ignorance !

''Until they were withdrawn, the Syrian troops were a counterweight to the Shia militias. Now that the Shia crescent is spreading from Iran through Iraq to Lebanon, the stupid neoconservatives are confronted with the error of their ways. The Bush administration was trying to set Syria up for US attack by demanding that they withdraw from Lebanon. The neocons thought Syria would refuse and thereby become a target for demonization and invasion.
Alas, the Syrians departed. And now the problem is how to turn back the Shia advance, which is increasing in power inside Lebanon as well through the Hizbullah and Amal movements. Bolton's solution is a ridiculous attempt to turn Syria into a neocon proxy and to set it at war with the militias. Otherwise, Bolton intends to damn Syria for "noncompliance" and again threaten Syria with US invasion.
It will be interesting to see who Syria fears most, the militias that triumphed over Israeli military might or the US forces that have been defeated in Iraq.''

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