Terry Malick's New World

In this time of imperial ambitions, scarcity of energy resources and vanishing of species and languages, I saw what is perhaps one of the most politically charged movie of this year, the New World from director and author Terrence Malick.

It is wonderfully written, directed and acted. It is a chef-d'oeuvre. Malick stands alone and apart in this art as a perfectionnist, a poet and a wonderful director.

It is the tale of the loss of innocence and illusions of the humanity. The illusion that the human enterprise is loaded with good intentions, the illusion that the other is good, the illusion that the savages are those whom we think are savages and the illusion that violence is outside the range of what is considered human. The journey into the other world and at the same time, as the movie shows, into the Other as someone different and similar to us, comes at a high cost !

Innocence is the absence of harm and in the encounter of the two worlds, the western world put without mercy a part of the humanity in harm's way. This inaugurated, in my opinion, the beginning of the fall of humanity !

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