The UN is becoming a US tool in stepping up the pressure on the Syrian regime

Tne UN commission investigating the assassination of former lebanese prime minister Rafic Hariri wants to interview Syria's president Bashar El-Assad, after the declarations Abdel-Halim Khaddam, a member of the old guard baathists and a critic of Bashar, made to the saudi owned Al-Arabiyya TV, affirming that Bashar told him that he threatened Hariri in order to impose syria's options for the lebanese presidency of Emile Lahoud.
The web of declarations, lies and rumors is becoming so big in the region and the UN is still investigating, accomplice in the political game that is been going on since the assassination of Hariri in february 2005, while real threats and wars and humanitarian crisis need its assisstance elsewhere in the world.
Syrian-lebanese relations are a hot issue now because the US and Israel want regime change in Syria in order to make syria renounce its claim on the territory israel occupies in the Golan and in order to subjugate Syria into a non conditional peace treaty with Israel.
Make no mistake, this is the neo-con pro-israel agenda, which was carved by the Bush presidency for the middle east, still on the march. This time, the UN and sectarian lebanese fanatics are both willing accomplices !

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