The war against Iran heading to the UN

After years of espionnage, infiltration, gaffes and gross manipulation by the CIA for a war against Iran (James Risen, State of War : the Secret History of the CIA and the Bush Administration), we are told now that the final case for this war will be soon on the UN agenda.

Once the dossier of the Iranian nuclear activities is brought to the UN, it will be the final stage before the war. Yes, this is the job of the UN nowadays, justifying wars. Kofi Annan is so weak and so bowing to US pressures and demands and yhe US is in such a need to extend its control on the middle east oilfields, that I will be surprised if Bush envoyee to the UN, warmonger John Bolton, does not use his tenure for one more war or may be two (the other will be against Syria). In addition, Iranian bellicose president seems to have created a consensus against his country.

The war is a certainty, the only questions remaining are: Who (Israel or the US ?), When and How ? Russia seems to be an obstacle for a final consensus and interim Israeli prime minister, Ehud Olmert, is working on that front, according to an Israeli radio. As for today, it is british prime minister Tony Blair who is leading the charge, hoping that if all the conditions forlegality are met for this war (conditions which the experts still doubt), it might make people forget the other non popular and illegal war he went for against Iraq.

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