Whatever happened to Paul Martin ?

Canada's ex-PM, defeated monday in the elections, was a brilliant, likable finance minister who pulled his country's economics from a dangerous decline in the 1990s but who revealed himself as a shy and fearful PM lacking judgment and surrounding himself with ill advisers like Jean Lapierre, a former radio and TV broadcaster from Quebec, a very stupid man. How a brilliant man can surround himself with stupid people ? Fear, Fear, Fear...The electoral machine is powerful and in order to survive the test one has to dominate the machine instead of letting the machine dominate him...

''He continued as the prisoner of advisers whose inadequacy is truly astonishing. They were talented in killing the king, but they had no idea how to rule the kingdom. They took their own guidance from polls and the calculation of political advantage.

He has become a man driven by the dubious wisdom of the headlines and the abject counsel of those who made Martin their careers.''

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