Across the Arab world, people are protesting the publication by the Danish and the French press of what they consider as 'offensive' caricatures of the prophet. France Soir who published the cartoons in protest said that there was no racist remarks or any other offense in the caricature other than the fact that the prophet is represented which is forbidden by Islam. However, non Muslims are not bound by this interdiction. Yesterday, the director of France Soir was fired by the Franco-Egyptian owner of the paper who issued an apology.

I think the Arab world should be ashamed by these reactions. There is much more to be offended with than the silly cartoons. There are many tasks awaiting the Arab world, development, end of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, end of wars, end of the misery of the people, end of the hegemony of the US on every aspect of political life in the Arab world...There are more urgent issues touching the building of Arab nations and the welfare of their citizens. All this is demagogic agitation provoked by inept rulers to divert the attention of Arab citizens from real problems going on in the Arab world.

This movement is banking on an evident and wide anger in the Arab world against westerners.
However, the anger should be directed elsewhere than on silly religious issues and silly cartoons.

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