The Damning Street Memo

What was previously called by the press 'The Downing Street Memo' pointing to an agreement between Bush and Blair on the Iraq war even before taking the matter to the UN resurfaces under the form of 'The White house Memo' this time with more details which are damning for Blair and Bush. These details are from a top british academic and human rights lawyer, Philippe Sands, consigned in his book 'Lawless World'. here is the profile of Mr. Sands.

''The meeting between Mr Bush and Mr Blair, attended by six close aides, came at a time of growing concern about the failure of any hard intelligence to back up claims that Saddam was producing weapons of mass destruction in breach of UN disarmament obligations. It took place a few days before the then US secretary Colin Powell made claims - since discredited - in a dramatic presentation at the UN about Iraq's weapons programme.''

Bush and Blair are so silly to speak of this in the presence of their aides but this is symptomatic, in my opinion, of the fact that these leaders are so contemptuous and self-conceited to the point where their aides become like ghosts, ornamental non-existent persons, deprived of skill and judgement, and more precisely of a judgment which is superior to their own. This tells a lot about the quality of the leaders and their morality.

Both 'leaders' decided to invade whether there was a second UN resolution or not and whether Iraq had WMDs or not. Bush expressed, I can't believe it, some anguish about the fact that Iraq might not have WMDs. I cannot believe that this guy is still running the United States and listened to by world leaders !

Blair mostly agreed to whatever Bush expressed or imagined.

And what Bush imagined to embarrass Saddam and justify war was really even more silly than all the lies that we were told, it looks like it is coming from the mind of a primate in terms of deception. With the media America have, it could make every American swallow whatever lies and fabrications told and shown on TV's and newspapers.

Here is a short list of Bush wishful planning for the Iraq war:

Paint US spy planes with UN colours and fly them over Iraq so Saddam will attack and then he will be in breach of UN resolutions. Did Kofi know that ?

Assassinate Saddam...

Find a defector who will do a public presentation about Iraq's WMDs.

Blair is said to have presented a second UN resolution as an insurance against political unrest in the Arab world and in Iraq in particular but Bush told him that he had no worry on this side and that interethnic tensions are unlikely to take place after the invasion...This guy is a genius !

What will happen, in my opinion, is that Blair will succumb to British citizen's anger first while Bush's agony and impeachment will be slower. He will try to escape justice and succeed with the help of his many friends and his family's friends in the judiciary only to face justice when he will become old and ill like Pinochet and when he will be of no use to anybody...

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