Freedom of speech and Freedom of expression

From the comments ent to Al-Jazeera on the cartoon row, a meaningful one from Nigeria explains very well what is going on in the muslim world.

''I think EU should be made to know that if the Danish newspaper printed the repulsive pictures in the name of "freedom of speech", which is accepted by the member states, then governments of the Muslim countries cannot stop their citizens from also enjoying a "freedom of expression".Ammabua Ameer, Nigeria

Notice that the protests were the most violent where there are sectarian tensions, like in Lebanon, a police state, like in Jordan and Syria or anger and great misery like in Palestine. So governments are letting people vent their frustrations. One good thing that may emerge from this is that people know now the power of freedom of expression and they might use it to protest other things, like the west,s opression of arab countries through Israel, the United states and corrupted arab leaders.

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