Lebanon at the crossroads

Tensions are mounting in Lebanon thanks to Jumblatt and the leaders of the 'Cedar' revolution. Now it is up to them to disarm Hezbollah, except that Hezbollah is a military and political force in Lebanon, even bigger than the lebanese army and they will not surrrender without guarantees. People are buying weapons on both sides. It started like this in 1975.
Of course, Jumblatt offers his usual suspect (Syria) and the US will kindly help.

There is a sense of familarity in the air !


misterJ said...

Well i share wiht you the same fear of a military conflicit between hizbollah and the sunnis or what is called the "majority". I hope that the lebanese won't be dragged into this, especially maronites (if there is war, i think they are indispensable for the anti-chiites). But fanatism is strong in Lebanon, and if the conflict between usa and Iran escalates... well let's hope it doesn't.

Sophia said...


Maronites will not be dragged into this because they will not follow Gea'gea. Maronites voted massively in favor of general 'Awn and they don't recognize themselves in the Lebanese forces anymore. However the next sectarian war in lebanon will be between fundamentalists sunnis wahhabis, imported and financed by Saad Hariri, and shiites. What the USA is trying to do in Irak, mounting sinnus against shiites, it will try to generalize to Lebanon and Syria. Druzes and maronites in Lebanon are divided and don't represent the political force they were in 1975. Don't you see how Jumblatt and Gea'gea appear more and more the vassals of hariri and of Saudi Arabia ?

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