A Sword of Damocles hanging over Israel's future

Ultimately what made the south african apartheid fall were not international reprieve and divestments but the fact that the resources and energy of a whole society were concentrated on one matter: racial conservation and racial divisions.

Ultimately what will contribute greatly to the fall of Israel as a jewish and military state is the fact that the energy of the Israeli society is being channelled on one matter: territorial borders and demographics, in other words, the Israeli apartheid.

''A future historian who looks at us will wonder: Why did this nation of wise people decide to destroy most of the years of its renewed sovereignty with obsessive wallowing in a corrosive acid − the issue of the territories? Why did it enlist and militarize the values of democracy, religious beliefs, the state economy, sensitivity to the cries of the poor, human and minority rights, and the character of the Jewish state, for the sake of one issue? The historian will not distinguish between rightists and leftists. The missed opportunity is shared by both.''

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