Canada suspends its humanitarian aid to the PA

Canada announced today through its FM that it is supending its humanitarian aid to the PA as the newly Hamas led government was sworn in.

The conservative canadian government was elected in january with a very fragile majority. Now a weak government with a fragile majority is sanctioning a strong government (Hamas) with a large majority.

PM Stephen Harper has also multiplied the foreign policy initiatives indicating he is moving in a direction closer to that of the Bush administration. He is silent on the national issues but was later in Afghanistan visiting canadian troops.

Canada has a wide arab, muslim émigrés population, most of them, well educated . As a member of this 'diaspora', I am calling on my fellow citizens to join me in sanctioning the conservatives in the next elections which will be held soon, given the weak majority Harper is sitting on.

We must not only vote against conservatives. We must also campaign against them and take a common and firm stance. We want to live in peace in our home country Canada and we want our heart and minds at peace when we think of our birth land, the middle east.

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