The Document Everyone Should Read

How pro-Israeli lobbying is deviating US foreign policy from what should be its focus on national US interests. A scholarly well documented paper. I Have the pdf. version with the footnotes in my permanent links.


Cosmic Duck said...

That's a very informative article. In a way it is perhaps even too rational. You're left with a hunch that irrational factors may play a part in explaining the strength of the Israel lobby. Maybe some of the strong support for Israel boils down to a kind of racism.

Sophia said...

Cosmic duck,

I didn't see things this way but you are right. It is also highly symptomatic that the row over the danish cartoons was, in my opinion, a calculation by the same lobbies and irrational forces to bring Europe into what has been only an Israel-US process until now. Sadly, muslims reactions were broadcasted as mainstream reactions, exactly as pro-Israeli lobbying has nothing to do with the positions of most american jews on the israeli palestinian conflict.
So what we are seeing is extremism on one side feeding extremism on the other side and silencing the voices of reason.
I visited your blog and I appreciated it and I should put a link to your blog on mine soon.

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