Double standards for freedom of expression in the west

An international outrage was the response to muslims indignation against religiously offending danish cartoons. 'Intellectuals' like Salman Rushdie, Bernard-Henri Lévy and others are condemning in a petition the muslim attitude as a charge against freedom of expression. While I don't agree with attacks on embassies and people which took place during the protest of muslims, I continue to register on this blog double standards for freedom of expression:

Only today in the news:

37 000 israelis ask the Oscar,s academy to drop the palestinian movie 'Paradize now' which won the Golden Globe. The movie is no apology to terrorrism and has the merit to speak openly on what goes on in a suicide bomber mind to commit such act.

A jewish member of the illinois Hate crimes committee resigns over the presence of a muslim black representative on the committee because she invited members to attend a lecture by Farrakhan which was judged to be racist against gays and lesbians.

Israeli FM Livni visited Blair in order to push England and the EU against the recognition of a democratically elected party by the palestinians (Hamas) and to stop EU aid to palestinians.

And the headlines this week were about the condemnation of London Mayor to a 4 week suspension from office for having treated a bullying journalist from a journal known for its right wing and nazi sympathies as a 'Kapo'.

To be continued...

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