The Final Solution

From Al-Jazeera today:

''Olmert's plan calls for giving the new Hamas-led Palestinian government time to decide whether it will moderate its views and then holding an internal dialogue to determine what kind of borders Israelis want.
"We should have agreement among ourselves on the borders and then negotiate with the international community," Olmert said.
Deciding on the borders was necessary, he said, "to separate ourselves from the Palestinians". He said that his plan would ensure that "at no point will we be hostage to the will of the Palestinians".''

If Israel is going to talk to everybody about its borders except the palestinians, I wonder why Olmert wants to give time to the Hamas led government to see if it will moderate its views.

If Israel don't want to talk to palestinians why Olmert appear to be willing to give time to Hamas ? In my opinion, it is just a vernish to show that he is a moderate. So, he is going to draw the final borders of Israel keeping large chunks of land that go beyond the 1967 borders (the 1967 borders constitute the basis for UN resolutions and all international peace agreements designed to resolve the conflict) and leaving the palestinians in limbo separated fro their land sometimes recently confiscated (after 2000 during the construction of the wall) with a myriad of special laws that Israel fabricated in order to grab the land the best it can and suffocate the palestinians.

What continues to astonish me is that such contradictions and lies are never detected and pointed to in the official discourse. Of course, drawing final borders was the intent of Sharon since he provoked the second Intifada but he never said so. Olmert's declaration is meant for the electorate. Appearing like a man of peace who will end the conflict.

What the Israeli public don't know is that palestinians will never accept a non negociated 'final solution'. Deliberately ignoring the will of palestinians is contempt. There cannot be peace without direct negociations.

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