Israel and the US versus Iran

''The United Nations security council yesterday issued a formal demand for Iran to drop its uranium enrichment efforts which the west suspects is a cover for a nuclear weapons programme.''

They suspect but they don't inquire and they don't have a clue. Or are they interested in having a clue or a proof about the true nature of Iran's nuclear activities ? No, because they have already decided that these activities are menacing. Whoever listened to CNN, Fox and mainstream western media outlets think that Iran possess already the nuclear bomb. Public opinion is already manufactured and distorted about the matter.

Why make a resolution to send the IAEA when they could have done so before the verbal escalation and the covert destabilisation the US secret activities are provoking inside Iran. It is more likely now that Iran will not comply in this context and all options are open, depending on the willingness of the US, Israel and their natural or unnatural allies in the west to make Iran comply. However, I think that the five members of the UN security council are not close to an agreement on what might follow because it was reproted that China and Russia opposed any language in the resolution which might allude to military sanctions.

If Iran is defiant today it is because because false accusations, like just yesterday accusations pointing to Iran's responsibility in the Iraqi nightmare, threats and intimidation have preceded any willingness to inquire and talk. This is the main line of 'diplomacy' the US is using with non compliant middle eastern regimes: Intimidation into submission by way of the UN as precursors to military action. I don't know how many years we have got going into this escalation. May be until total submission of all middle eastern regimes to the will of the US and Israel.

But submitting regimes does not resolve the problem. By these shameful 'diplomatic' actions, Arab and muslim populations are being pushed into hate and resentment. The US and Israel 'diplomacies' in the middle east are in fact working as a factory for resentment breeding terrorrism, underdevelopment, fanatism and death.

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