Israeli Ocuppation Forces storm a palestinian jail

Palestinian forces giving themselves up to IOF troops at the Jericho jail Tuesday.

Can you tell me why during all these years Israel held and still hold the palestinian responsible for their security and order while It clearly consider them as occupied people and have no respect for their sovereignty ? Because when Israel needs to show muscle for electoral purposes, in this case the ruling party Kadima wants to stop its own slipping in the polls amid accusations of corruption, it no longer consider palestinian territories as autonomous.

...''"Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas said last week that he was prepared to free Saadat, drawing an angry response from Israel. Abbas also said last year that he planned to release Saadat, but did not.An IDF colonel told reporters in Jericho that the main aim was to arrest those at the prison. Using a loudspeaker, the troops called on the militants in the jail to come out and surrender themselves."The objective is to arrest them, but there are no negotiations. Either they come out or they will be killed," the colonel said.He said that of 200 people inside, 44 have surrendered so far. He said the main targets of the raid, including those involved in the Ze'evi assassination, have not yet come out. In a bid to pressure those inside into surrendering, IDF troops used machine-gun fire and tank shells on the prison Tuesday afternoon, and used bulldozers to knock down the walls. Dozens of prisoners in their underwear have emerged from the prison building, where they were searched and blindfolded by IDF troops. Some of them were taken away. None of them appeared to be the six targeted men.One of the five PFLP members vowed Tuesday that the group would not surrender. "Our prison is surrounded on all sides by Israelis. They are asking us over loudspeaker to come out," Ahed Abu Ghoulmi, one of the targeted prisoners, told The Associated Press by telephone. "We will not come out under any circumstances.""We are not going to surrender. We are going to face our destiny with courage," Saadat later told the Arab satellite channel Al-Jazeera.The IDF troops were also demanding the surrender of Fuad Shobaki, the alleged mastermind of an illegal weapons shipment to the Palestinian Authority in 2002.Saadat and the others, also members of the PFLP, have been held in the jail under international supervision since 2002.Sami Musallam, the governor of Jericho, said Tuesday morning that he had been told Saadat was still in his cell and that IDF troops were trying to snatch him.The IDF troops exchanged limited fire with Palestinian forces at the jail. A large number of Palestinians gathered outside the prison grounds, some throwing Molotov cocktails and stones at the IDF troops. Army vehicles at the scene also came under fire, but no soldiers were hurt. A senior Palestinian official said that IDF forces had killed a Palestinian guard in clashes around the prison. A Palestinian security source later said that a Palestinian prisoner had also been killed.Tawfiq Tirawi, head of Palestinian intelligence in the West Bank, told Reuters that IDF bulldozers were trying to tear down the prison walls. American and British monitors supervising Saadat's detention left the prison before the arrival of the IDF soldiers. Abbas later said that the British and American monitors bore "full responsibility" for the raid.''

The operation is still going on at the time I write this blog and it is likely that it will end by the massacre of the palestinian prisoners, a clear victory for blood thirsty israelis and for kadima's party standing in the polls.

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