The killing: a humanitarian crisis is taking place in Palestine amid global indifference

The US is busy in Irak, preparing another war or regime change in Iran and Syria, implementing 'democracy' and 'fighting islamic terrorrism'. Europe is busy with the controversy of the Danish cartoons trying to figure out how to deal with its muslim population. The world is being radicalised against Islam and becoming indifferent to palestinian suffering.


''Israel is believed to monopolise about 75% of Palestinian water resources in a region where rainfall is infrequent and water a strategic asset.
In the agriculture-dependent Palestinian territories, hemmed in by Jewish settlements, the lack of resources causes havoc for farmers, while pollution and inadequate waste disposal create manifold sanitation and health problems.''
...''Elisabeth Sime, a director of aid organisation CARE International in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, said: "The route of the wall matches that of water resources, the latter being conveniently located on the Israeli side." ''

...''While agriculture accounts for nearly a third of Palestinian gross domestic product, only 5%of Palestinian land is irrigated.
On the other hand, 70% of Israeli and Jewish settlement land is watered, even if agriculture amounts to barely 2% of Israeli GDP.

...''More than 220 communities in the West Bank - nearly 320,000 people - are unconnected to mains water.''

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