Tactics of escalation

''The Bush administration has decided to halt funding for an infrastructure development project in the Palestinian Authority, and will provide the Palestinians with humanitarian aid only, American officials told security officials and the Foreign Ministry. The new policy was implemented to make sure U.S. foreign aid money does not reach a Hamas-led government, and to prevent administration officials from having to make contact with representatives of a terror organization. ''

The US says officially that it is using this tactic to pressure the palestinian people with the following message:'Hamas is not good for you' .
However, this argument does not stand because: 1) They never gave Abbas, the alternative to Hamas, any favor with which he could tell the palestinians that relief and peace are in sight, 2) Hamas is becoming more and more popular. The international uproar is actually helping its popularity in the territories. So what is the goal of Israel's, the US's and to a certain extent, the EU's policies against Hamas ?

This is one possible scenario:
The US and its european allies (to a certain degree), as well as the western media, have become the kings of provocation by humiliation. They know very well how to deal with third world leaders zealots (like Saddam and Ahmadi-Nejad) and so they know what should be said and done in order to provoke the kind of reaction they want for their 'diplomacy'. Didn't you notice that this scenario works always with stupid and demagogue leaders (I think that Hamas's leader, Haniyeh is, on the contrary, smart; so I am waiting for his reactions regarding international pressure). Of course, these leaders are elected by their people and not by the US but their election comes after a process in which the country is repeatedly humiliated so the public opinion sides with politicians who promote confrontation as a way to restore honor and dignity to the country and its citizens ! So, in a way, the US helped elect Ahmadi-Nejad (an Iranian friend told me that Ahmadi-Nejad's electorate were the poor and uneducated people but now he is boosting his popularity with the bourgeois Iranians, thanks to the US telling Iran they can't have nukes for civil purposes*) as it helped maintain Saddam's regime in Iraq through sanctions, as it is helping the cohesion around the syrian regime by recurrent humiliations and attacks on Syria and as it helped the implosion of the palestinian authority and Fatah, ending with Hamas in power...International diplomacy, US style, is a cycle of humiliations and provocations leading to military intervention, all this with the blessing of the UN !

Now, in the case of Hamas, Israel, the US and EU are telling the world: 'Look, this is an extremist organization and we don't want to talk to them'. Yes, but they could have conducted a policy of conciliation and fairness in order to create a consensus against confrontation and to send a different message to palestinians.

* In fact, nobody noticed that Iran declares that it is enriching uranium for civil purposes while the US and the west are saying that Iran's nuclear program is for military purposes. In this row, they created the conditions for cutting UN inspections of Iran's nuclear program so they can translate their lie into 'fact and reality' when nobody will be able to check. Of course, a rational and moderate leader will not play the game of confrontation but why would Ahmadi-Nejad (who is not pragmatic and not smart) not play this confrontation when it is boosting his popularity in Iran ?


Cosmic Duck said...

"But they could have conducted a policy of conciliation and fairness in order to create a consensus against confrontation and to send a different message to palestinians".

An interesting analysis. There is also the possibility that the USA and the EU are trying to pressure the new leadership of the Palestinians.

By pressuring them they can improve the negotiating position of Israel and the West, when peace negotiations probably start some time.

It is, however, interesting that the US and the EU are completely in agreement on how to handle the "Hamas problem". The EU have put the organisation on the terror list, but they continue financing the PA. It probably because they worry about Hamas finding other sources for financing, which would diminish the influence of the West and turn it into a more prolonged conflict than would otherwise be the case.

The time has obviously come when the EU must take Hamas off the terror list. That is a necessary prerequisite for dealing with the organisation. Things will probably not start evolving until after the Israeli election on March 28.

Cosmic Duck said...


I forgot a "not": The US and the EU are not completely in agreement...

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