Daniel Pipes: extreme american pro-zionism and the final solution

Daniel Pipes, an ardent american advocate of Israel and muslim basher, is not happy with the way Israel is dealing with the palestinians.

Not content with the collapse of the peace process, with the unilateral moves made by the Israeli state to keep the jewishness of Israel, with the overt consent of a majority of Israeli to draw the final frontier of Isarel without talking to the palestinians, with the daily humiliations of palestinians at Israeli checkpoints, with the shortage of food in Gaza, with the destruction of olive trees, with the destruction of palestinian natural environmeent by the wall, with the restrictions imposed on their movements, with their imprisonments, with their ghettoisation, with the killing of their leaders, with the destruction and occupation of their cultural heritage, with the destruction of their homes, their roads and their infrastructure, with their isolation, with their daily misery, Daniel Pipes wants more from Israel, more violence, more assassinations, more destruction, more human rights violations more of everything Israel was doing to the palestinians since its creation...

What does Mr. Pipes want ? Something like a near final solution, the only way he thinks to break the will of the people of Palestine and make them so miserable so they will not rise and ask for their rights again and again.


Gert said...


This how one commenter put it, in response to one of those "Palestinians don't really exist: that's a historical fact"-type of blogposts:


"You still talk and act as if those thousands of Arabs are going to magically disappear. They are not going to magically disappear. The only way in which the fact that thousands of Arabs are already living there can be altered is genocide. Period.

This is the basis for any sensible view of the situation. All the legalisms, all the special pleading from "history", all the "Arabs are evil savages", all the "Mohammed is the scourge of Christian Civilization" will not make that fact go away. Period.

Only genocide will make that fact go away."

(Full comment can be found on my "The Myth of the Myth of Palestine" post)

But I guess we're just "anti-Semitic", right?

Gert said...

As regards your idea of a coalition blog, I was perhaps a little dismissive about this over on my blog.

I would be interested in a broad coalition blog with contributing members from several interested parties and a theme along the lines of "peace in Israel and Palestine" or "Justice for Israel and Palestine", rather than a blatantly pro-Palestinian or anti-Israeli blog: of the latter kinds there are already plenty.

Team members could include sideliners like ourselves, who support the Palestinian cause, moderate Palestinians, Israelis who see the injustice that is being carried out in the name of zionism and some diapora Jews.

Finding these members shouldn't be hard.

The cost using blogger is zero but it would be advisable to spend a couple of hundred USD on an original template, to make the blog stand out. Blogger offers only a very limited choice of templates.

If you're interested in discussing this, drop me a quick line at (email address in next comment).

Gert said...
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Sophia said...


''Justice for Israel and Palestine''... While I agree on the content, contributions and the spirit of the whole enterprise, I don't agree on the title and I will explain why:

You are afraid of us being labeled as pro-palestinian while in fact all we wish is peace and justice. Peace is needed for both, Justice I don't agree. In the post 9/11 world, the whole world is antipalestian because they are wrongly labeled as 'terrorrists'. Being afraid of advocating a palestinian cause is somewhat being sensible to this préjugé. Usually, justice is given by the powerful to the less powerful. Israel was already given 'Justice' a long time ago and nobody is asking to take back this 'Justice', not even the Hamas. However, justice for palestinains is in waiting. Justice is natural (related to rights), distributive (related to the fact that all people ahve the same rights) and punitive (related to punishing domeone from infl;icting a harm and an injustice on others.

Do you think that by these standards we can speak of 'Justice for Israel and palestine' ?
Palestinains have no rights as individuals and people.
They have less rights on the land of Israel/Palestine than jewish people.
They are punished for asking for their rights (eventually they retaliate but the size of retaliations on both sides are not the same)

I think the wrold will be ready to do justice to the plaestinians when they will realize that something was taken from these people and Harm was done to them.

Thank you for taking my suggestion into consideration but I cannot join such a Blog because I feel that I will be conforming to the western préjugés about palestinian people and I consider that I am one of these people. I don't have this préjugé.

By the way, thank you for the article by Avraham Berg. Israeli citizens and Israeli politicians have sometimes an awakening of conscience but it dies very quickly. Look at Peace now and Amos Oz who became a Sharon fan. The only peace movement in Israel consistent in its positiions is Gush-Shalom and Uri Avnery.

I hope I didn't disappoint.

Gert said...


Since March 29th 2006