From The Guardian to Haaretz: How facts are skillfuly twisted by Haaretz in reporting on an IDF related article

Although I really like Haaretz, they have two amazing reproters, Amira Hass and Gideon Levy and they report thoroughly on Israel and Palestine, sometimes even more bluntly then any western media outlet, they still have BIG biases when it comes to the IDF (Israel Defense Forces). En Passant, what a lie to call this army an army of Defense when it is an army of criminal occupation.

Compare for example the original article from the Guardian on the fact that a UK coroner found that the IDF soldier and his superiors committed deliberate murder in killing a British citizen in 2003 - this came after another indictment concerning another british peace activist and photographer came to the same conclusion - and the Haaretz article mentioning clearly the original article with some additions and twists of language and meaning.

The Haaretz title (U.K. coroner recommends war crimes charges for IDF soldiers) suggests that: 1) it is the coroner who came to this conclusion alone, 2) the prosecution is against individual soldiers. The Guardian title (Calls for UK to act over Britons shot dead in Gaza) suggests : 1) that the coroner came to this conclusion after having heard other similar cases and after recommandations from others (the jury and the victim's parents), 2) a wider action than the one suggested by Haaretz against individual soldiers.

There is no mention, for example, in the Haaretz article of this statement from the coroner suggesting a wider action:
The Guardian: ''Dr Reid said Israel's army posed a danger to British nationals, especially those covering the continuing conflict with the Palestinians: "British citizens, journalists, photographers or others may be subject to the risk of fatal shots."
Haaretz:''Dr. Reid said that the IDF poses a danger to British citizens''

Note the trivialisation of the whole statement and the omission of Journalists and Photographers.

There is no mention either of the victim's family lawyer harsh statement against the IDF as a whole:''Michael Mansfield QC, who represented the family at the inquest, said: "Make no mistake about it, the Israeli defence force have today been found culpable by this jury of murder."

A twist of language and meaning: an example.
Who is the killer, IDF soldiers or their fire ???
The Guardian: ''Andrew Reid, the coroner who heard both cases, announced he would write to the attorney general about how similar fatalities could be prevented, including examining possible prosecutions of Israeli commanders. In court Dr Reid said he would write to the attorney because the case raised wider issues of command in the Israeli military and because "two British citizens engaged in lawful activities" had been killed by Israeli soldiers.''
Haaretz: ''A U.K. coroner said on Monday that he would recommend that the British attorney general seek legal action over the deaths of two pro-Palestinian activists killed by Israel Defense Forces fire in 2003.'' Notice that the two activists were killed not by soldiers from the IDF but from 'Israeli Defense Forces Fire'.

Another twist of meaning:
The Guardian:''The family will seek a meeting with senior British ministers to press them to act, and do not rule out a private prosecution.''
Haaretz: ''The report also said that Hurdnell's family is pursuing meetings with government officials to urge them to seek action.''
The above two sentences do not convey the same meaning.

An interesting addition from Haaretz suggesting that the direct cause of the death of the activist is not 'IDF soldiers Fire' as they say:''Hurndall fell into a coma following the shooting and died nine months later. His family claim Israeli authorities initially denied responsibility.''

And then the biggest twist and lie of all !
The Guardian: ''Tom Hurndall, 22, died after being shot in broad daylight by an Israeli soldier who later said his commanders had issued orders allowing him to shoot even unarmed civilians.'' And the coroner stated that Mr. Hurndall was engaged in 'lawful activities' and the Guardian reprots that Hurndall '' tried to rescue children who froze in fear after the soldier opened fire.''
Haaretz: ''Hurndall, a student, was photographing the work of the International Solidarity Movement, whose activists often placed themselves between Israeli forces and Palestinians to try to stop the Israeli military from carrying out operations, ignoring orders to leave no-go areas. Israeli authorities said the protesters endangered themselves and the soldiers with their activities. ''

From Haaretz point of view, Hurndall should not have been there, he placed himself willingly in a dangerous situation, ignored orders and, most of all, 'endangered Israeli soldiers'.

What bothers me also is that they wrote the activist name in three different manners: Hurdnall, Hurdnell and Hurndall, the latest being the correct transcription.

The IDF is the pillar of Israel as a country. This is a colonialist country who have been feeding and preying on ist neighbors since its founding. This a country who plunged its neighboring countries in a permanent state of war and underdevelopment. It never tried to achieve a just peace and therefore surrounded itself by ennemies.
The IDF is the pillar on which Israel stands. Forget the bible, forget old history, forget everything, the IDF is the only real legitimisation of Israel. It started as a terrorrist organization for driving Bedouins and Palestinians, who inhabited the land when the first migrant jews arrived in Palestine, out of their villages and homes and it is continuing to terrorrize the Palestinian people and the whole Arab world. It is the only army in the middle east possessing nuclear arms.
With all that, Israel would like you to believe that its existence is in danger and it is a peaceful country. These are all lies. And even the 'respectable' and center-leftist' journal Haaretz who does not shy from criticizing harshly anything related to Israeli politics, is ready to shed its journalistic rigor in favor of defending Israel's pillar and the reason behind its existence, its army, even if this army is accused of doing unlawful acts and crimes against Humanity*.

* I should mention here that there are courageous individuals in this army who refused to serve in the occupied territories to help the settlement enterprise revived by Sharon in 2001 and who served prison time for their refusal. They are also engaged in peace talks with Palestnian combatants and sea things differently from their hierarchy. Clearly what is at stake here is not the behaviour of individuals in the army but the behaviour of the army as a whole in its rules of engagement and the behaviour of israel as a state while the Haaretz article tried to conceal thses aspects.
On the peace talks go to:
http://www.haaretzdaily.com/hasen/pages/ShArtVty.jhtml?sw=combatants+for+peace&itemNo=704675 (sorry to display it like this but I am having problems with my links functio right now)


Wolfie said...

It really annoys me that IDF soldiers can just murder British citizens without recourse from the Israeli legal system and not even the slightest whimper from our own politicians and diplomats. Even the bloody BBC quotes the coroner's court conclusion as "murder", the quotes indicating that its an unsubstantiated claim rather than legal ruling. Israel, our friends - not. Grrrrr.

Sophia said...

I usually do comparative reading on the same subject for my own understanding and this was a good occasion because the Haaretz article was actually completely based on the Guardian's.
What is inetresting is that every publication has its own biases when reporting on Israeli news. Western media outlets are always afraid of being labeled anti-semite and Israeli news outlets never go as far as harming the IDF image. This is a very sensible point.

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