'Gaza on brink of implosion'

''An empty watchtower overlooks a deserted road lined with rusting vehicle parts. The only traffic is a pregnant bitch and a mule and cart. This is Gaza's economic lifeline, the Karni crossing into Israel, which is supposed to handle 1,300 containers of merchandise and food per day in order to sustain 1.3 million people.
But nothing is entering or leaving Gaza, and now the funds to purchase what is available there are also drying up, bringing the dire situation of its people to a new and febrile crisis.
Karni is officially closed because the Israeli army has declared a security alert for the Jewish Passover holiday. Yet it has barely been open this year. The effect is a paralysis of Gaza's commerce and severe shortages of basic foods. Not that the locals are in a position to buy what food there is. There is little money because the European Union, Canada and the United States have stopped funding the aid-dependent Palestinian Authority, which can no longer pay its staff's wages.
The result is that families are existing on tiny amounts of money and businesses are facing collapse...''

And while Palestinians are left financially and socially suffocating, Israel is asking the US and the world for more support.


Gert said...

It's astonishing (well, not) how little coverage this gets in Western MSM, let alone TV.

The Guardian is publishing it too, The (waste of) Times run with a story about 50,000 Iranian wannabe suicide bombers ready to attack the US, UK and Israel.

Sophia said...

Haaretz is running the same story today.

Sophia said...

Read also the excellent Gideon Levy about Israeli media coverage on what is happening in Gaza.

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