Putting the last suicide attack in Tel Aviv in context

Something the mainstream western media will not do.

At least, Le Monde is the only mainstream western media reporting fairly this time on the last Palestinian suicide attack in Tel Aviv.
Kofi Annan just condemned the attack and so did I.
But did Kofi condemn the daily shelling of the civilian population in Gaza ?
Is the world condemning the starvation of the Palestinian population in Gaza ?
Is the world condemning the international and blunt pressures exerted on the democratically elected Palestinian government ?
Is the world condemning the injustice being perpetrated daily against Palestinians ?


Oleh Yahshan said...

if you think the Attack on Tel Aviv today has ANYTHING to so with what is going on in Gaza, well you have a lot to learn.
Try to put this inot context - There are at the moment (post attack) over 60 (that we know of) attempts by the Terrorist Orgs. to Kill Israeli citizens around the country. These Attempts go on no matter what is going on in Israel, or in the PA, and it makes no difference who is in power.

That you can compare the Attack today that killed 9 people while they were shopping During a holiday (it's Passover), to palestinians having to put up with the response (useless as it may be) to thier rocket attacks coming from thier homes- is completly ridicules.

Wake up - The palestinians want to kill the Israelies no matter what the cost to them. When they stop sending 15 year olds to blow themselves up we can start to worry about what they will eat for dinner.

Dr Victorino de la Vega said...

- Oleh,
I quite like that ironic neologism of yours: Israe-LIES!
Was it intentional?

Nothing seems to stop the dismal litany of bad news coming from the Middle-East: earlier today, as Israel’s new “centrist” (a modern Hebrew euphemism for neo-fascist probably inspired by turn-of-the-century German political parlance) government was sworn in, a Palestinian suicide bomber killed nine people along with himself in Tel Aviv, and the Pentagon was forced to recognize that the month of April will be one of the most deadly for US troops since the start of the war (these guys seem to be uninterested in keeping track of the number of Ayyrabz dying every day- probably for fear of loosing “focus”).

Three years after the conquest of Baghdad, the situation looks rather bleak, as radical Islamic fundamentalism seems stronger than ever with heinous mobs burning churches (not to mention Christians and women) in Cairo, Jakarta and Islamabad, and with potentially explosive Sunni vs. Shiite sectarian tensions now spreading to Syria, Lebanon, Pakistan and the entire Gulf region.

I guess that’s what Neocon Neros such as Mike Ledeen call “creative chaos” whatever that means... “Chaotic cretinism” would be a more fitting appellation for the highly incoherent foreign policy of President Bush and his incompetent Neocon handlers!

Narrow-minded Marxist ideologues be they communists or “neo-conservatives” have always despised the “internal contradictions” of traditional Western rationality (rooted in Europe´s Christian and secular Classical traditions) which they believe to be “old-fashioned” and “formal” (sic). Just like their role model comrade Lenin, these sophisticated thugs prefer the joys “dialectical creativity” even when this means pursuing high policies over the dead bodies of hundreds of thousands of disposable Arab and Muslim peasants… as another Neocon Israeli idol once said: “you simply can’t cook a good omelet without cracking a few eggs”!

But, to use their own vocab of choice, the Neocons themselves are now faced with the “internal contradictions” of their misguided Mideast policy based on a blind belief in accelerated democratization at gunpoint coupled with a systematic scorn of Arab and Islamic public opinion…

Like him or not, Saddam Hussein was a truly modernist, Westernized Arab head of state who protected women’s rights and enforced affirmative action programs in favor of Iraq’s tiny Christian minority. President Reagan and “Old Europe’s” foreign policy establishment both viewed the Iraqi Baath party essentially as a strong secular bulwark against both Persian-Khomeinist fundamentalism and Wahhabi-Afghan terrorism.

The Israelis and Washington’s Neocons thought otherwise: now US marines and Israeli civilians have to deal with the rise of terrorist organizations such as Hamas and the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI) which their own governments have deliberately brought to power…

Oleh Yahshan said...

thank you for your hinest opinion about me, it's nice to see that when someone writes something you don't like you decide that it is useless to talk to them. Or is something specific i did??

If you don't like me commenting on your Blog you can come out and say so, I have no issue with that, although I am not sure where you come across that I define my self as one thing or another.

Sophia said...


Please don't take my critique as a personal one. It was meant to point to the fact that most of your comments are propaganda kind, intelligent propaganda I must say, soft and polite.
Oleh, I wasn't the first one to delve into personal considerations.
Last time you wished me a nice stroll outside, because I mentioned to another commentator that I was going for a walk, I felt that it was useless politeness because really you don't give a damn about it.

You are welcome to visit and comment my blog any time, even for throwing in comments which are pure propaganda, as long as you dont get personal. So I am going to take from my comments this note that I regret because it was misinterpreted.

Sophia said...

The dialogue with Oleh is quite useless and I never tried, despite the fact that he presents himself as a moderate, because he is always recycling the official discourse.
Thanks for trying a rebuttal and thanks for all the references.
As for secularism in the arab world it was well and alive in the fifties and the sixties, well before Israel could have considered itself as a modern and 'democratic' country. However secularism meant development and progress and this didn't please the Saudis, neither Israel and the US. And you demonstrated very well in one of your posts or comments (I yhink it was your post of April, 9th, 2006) that it was Israel who implicitly encouraged islamism and Hamas in Palestine.
We may say that they have to live with this. However, the whole world has actually to support the consequences. Compared to neo-conism, communism was a lesser evil because it did not affected the the lives of people living outside its sphere of influence and it never succeeded in becoming a truly international movement (about this you might read 'Le Grand hiver' by Albanese author Ismail Kadaré).

Oleh Yahshan said...

My point of wishing something personal was true and honest, I was trying to say that although we might not agree on things, there is no reason we can't be civil, especially when you talk about stuff that are personal - in this case I think Walking with Family is a great thing, and I have no reason see no reason why we can't act like Human Beeings, one with another. Unless you trully think that politness is saved only to those you agree with.

As for the rest of it, I can understand why you would call what I write propoganda, although I try as much as possible to bring facts that I consider to be well known, or at least known enough to those who seek it.
Reading back at what I wrote I will say that you are correct (the first comment on this post), The last Paragraph was a rant - it was said in Anger (not towards you) and I will try to keep those to a minimum in the future.

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