Thus spoke Bin Laden/Bush

I am finally able to publish today. Thanks to Gert and Cosmic Duck for having hosted this post that I wanted to share first thing after finishing it, you can remove it from your comment section now. I am having many technical difficulties with my blog since last week including publishing and updating with comments.

Here is my post of the day.

I feel tired and angry.

Tired that our time is now paced by terror attacks, Bin Laden's apparitions on Al-Jazeera, terror spin and terror talk. We are becoming a global society obsessed by fear and terror.
Angry that a sinister jihadist whose only credence is to have fought, with the CIA as brothers in arms, the soviets in Afghanistan, is capitalizing on Muslims and Arabs frustrations.
Angry that an army of 150000 is destroying Iraq, the mother of all civilisations, its society and its history in the name of 'Freedom and Democracy' as conceived, packaged and exported by some ill advised minds in the West.
Angry that Palestine and the Palestinians are being stigmatized for their fight against oppression because of the sisnister jihadist.

Angry that Israel is banking on the 'war on terror' by more oppression and more occupation of Palestine.

Angry that 30 years after I opened my eyes as a teenager, and a person with political consciousness and morality, on the Israeli-Palestinin conflict, Palestine is still opressed and occupied and Palestinians still without a land or an official recognized identity.

Angry that the sinister jihadist is well served by:
The USA policy in the middle east, its sidelining with Israel in the face of the growing opression of the Palestinian people, its bullying of Arabs and Palestinians and its bullying of Muslims.
Angry that some so-called 'intellectuals' can find a justification to this all non-sense.
Angry that my children will never dream or feel the freedom of protesting and speaking against an oppressive power because they will be labeled terrorrists.
Angry that the world is watching silent while a part of its humanity is being scorned by torture policies in the name of the 'War on terror'.
Angry that in our western 'democracies' we are so proud of, the average citizen has no voice in the face of avid politicians using the 'War on terror' and its policies to grab more power than what they could have ever dreamed of in a real democracy.
Tired to see rationality, morality, justice and all what we fought and still fight for, sacrificed on the altar of the 'War on terror'.

You can do all the analysis you want on yesterday's Bin Laden speech, there is one conclusion you canot negate:
This sinister jihadist has been elevated to the statute of a global statesman by a bunch of irresponsible political adventurers and he and them have irreversibly changed our lives, our values and our world.

For completely different reasons, Bush/Cheney and Bin Laden cannot live without fighting a global menace and for this purpose they had to invent it. Bin Laden had to export and globalize his fight against Saudi rulers because he lost it at home. Bush and Cheney had to find a global enemy (Islam) in order to replace the communist menace, to keep alive the business of arms and wars and to keep their citizens in a simili-democracy in which no dissent to the outrageous enrichment of hteir rulers and their ruling class and its outrageous war against the American people can be possible.
The irony is that, as citizens of the world, we are caught between two exported and global civil wars in which we are being drawn, every day, by uncritical and submissive media, to believe that these wars are actually ours.
Hand in hand, Bin Laden is still fighting alongside his american ally, not anymore against the soviets but this time against the entire world !

For more depressive reading about the state of this irresponsible war please go to these links.

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Cosmic Duck said...

It is here the US has found the answer to the "enemy deprivation syndrome" that the country was confronted with after the collapse of the Berlin wall in 1989. The war on terror has replaced the war on the communist threat. It is, however, a war that is having more profound impact on the American society than the other war. The terror legislation and the institution of Inland Security testify to that.

Sophia said...

Cosmic Duck,
Yes this war is having a bigger impact on the internal organization of societies in the US and the west in general. In the face of communism and totalitarianism, these societies developped more individual freedoms. The Open society and its ennemies was written by Karl Popper as an answer to communism. But what the neo-cons are offering us today ? less individual liberties, fear and loathing, citizens surveillance, etc...
In fact, they are the new 'communists' as they are closing these societies that developped openness in response to the old communism.
I think Dr. De la vega would agree with you and I on this.

Gert said...

More important than bin Laden's statement is Hamas distancing itself from it.

al-Qaeda has much to answer for in terms of giving Islam a bad name but the West and the US in particular have reacted predictably and made matters worse.

Sophia said...

I agree but who, in all the spin going around, will stop and think about the diffence between Hamas and Al-Qaeda ? Very few I am afraid. And be sure the neo-cons spin machine will make sure nobody can stop and think.

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