The WHY of the injustice done to the Palestinians

Just before the Israeli elections and ever since Olmert was given the job of forming the next Israeli government, Israel has been shelling Gaza on a daily basis. Nobody knows why.

In the same vein, European Union ministers have confirmed aid cut to the PA.

''Cette décision n'est "ni une menace ni une tentative de chantage, ni une punition collective pour les élections" palestiniennes de janvier, a indiqué, lundi, la ministre autrichienne des affaires étrangères, Ursula Plassnik.''

This decision is not a menace, pressure of any kind, neither a collective punishment for the Palestinian January elections,
declared Austrian FM Ursula Plassnik.

And again nobody knows Why.

The west is assuming that when Palestinians get shelled and starved, they must know why, exactly as when the jews were denounced, deported and killed, the perpetrators of these crimes must have assumed that the jews knew actually why all this was happening to them. Indeed, many deported jews spoke of the guilt and uneasiness related to their condition as if they have commited a crime of just being a jew.

Being stigmatised and punished for no obvious reason must have a terrible feeling associated to it. Indeed, not giving an obvious reason to punishing and harming someone else makes victims of Hate assume alone the effects of the Hate, while the hater thinks that he is in his own right in doing the things that he does.

The Hate and indifference of Israel and with it a sizable part of the world (and yes the UN)directed at the Palestinians are only the burden of the Palestinian people alone. This is what Palestinians are experiencing day after day with no end in sight.

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