AI 2006 report: Israel/occupied territories now off the international agenda

Amnesty International 2006 report.

''In the Middle East
and North Africa, new laws and policies brought hope to women in Kuwait and Morocco. However, Iraq continued its disastrous slide into sectarian violence, and Israel/Occupied Territories slipped off the international agenda. Torture, arbitrary detention and unfair trials continued in many countries. Undaunted, human rights activists worked to organize themselves.''

In face of this gigantic mess and chaos, I always thought that the main and only geopolitical effect right now of the war in Irak and the neo-con project for the greater middle east, is the diversion from other and older conflicts in the region, most of all, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact. Was it intended ? We may never know.

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''Israel withdrew its settlers and troops from the Gaza Strip and dismantled four small settlements in the northern West Bank. However, it continued to build and expand illegal settlements and related infrastructure, including a 600km fence/wall, on Palestinian land in the occupied West Bank. Military blockades and restrictions imposed by Israel on the movement of Palestinians within the Occupied Territories continued to cause high unemployment and poverty among the Palestinian population. There was much less violence between Israelis and Palestinians, although attacks by both sides continued. Some 190 Palestinians, including around 50 children, were killed by Israeli forces, and 50 Israelis, including six children, were killed by Palestinian armed groups. Israeli forces carried out unlawful attacks and routinely used excessive force against peaceful demonstrators protesting against the destruction of Palestinian agricultural land and the Israeli army’s construction of the fence/wall. Israeli settlers frequently attacked Palestinian farmers, destroying orchards and preventing cultivation of their land. Israeli soldiers and settlers responsible for unlawful killings and other abuses against Palestinians and their property generally had impunity. Thousands of Palestinians were arrested by Israeli forces throughout the Occupied Territories on suspicion of security offences. Israeli conscientious objectors continued to be imprisoned for refusing to serve in the army.''

Details are to be found in the above link for Israel/occupied territories.

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