Convergence is a victory for the ideological settlement movement

''Ariel Sharon wanted to withdraw from Gaza, a place that should never have been entered, and was a generation tardy in doing do so; but he continued to stick to the principle of ignoring the Palestinians as an autonomous entity. In his eyes, the withdrawal was meant not to lay the groundwork for a permanent agreement, but to set patterns of behavior for the future: Israel would withdraw from areas that had become intolerable security burdens, including Hebron, and annex territories that it decided upon and according to its needs, whether real or imagined - the area between Ma'aleh Adumim and Jerusalem; the region around Gush Etzion and Efrat; the other settlement blocs, including Ariel, which is 25 kilometers from the Green Line; and the Jordan Valley, which has already been disconnected from the West Bank. ''

That is the plan behind the convergence.

...''There is nothing in the "Sharon heritage" worthy of saving, since it ignores the Palestinians in every possible sphere. True, having Hamas in power creates another obstacle, but the new situation also serves as an easy alibi, just as Israel's attitude toward the PLO did before the Oslo accords. "

...''So far, Israel has tried every method in its approach to the Palestinians, except for a little generosity: From Oslo to today, no government has managed to prove to the residents of the territories that mutual recognition serves their daily interests. The sanctions imposed on the Palestinians in the wake of their election of Hamas did not achieve anything except starving the population. ''

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