Green is the new Red, thanks to anti-terror laws

''The administration is slowly replacing communists lurking in every shadow with terrorists. And terrorism may become an even better brand than communism for demonizing dissent. In March, six green activists found themselves among the first victims of a new front in the War on Terror, and of an old PR game.
They were convicted on "animal enterprise terrorism" charges--that's right, terrorism-- for campaigning to shut down an animal testing lab. On June 7, they will be sentenced: two defendants face up to a year in federal prison, and others likely face five to 10 years.
Did their terrorist campaign involve anthrax? Pipe bombs? A plot to hijack an airplane? Nope. They ran a website. They posted news about the campaign -- legal actions like protests and illegal actions like stealing animals from labs -- and unabashedly supported all of it. Since the feds haven't been able to catch the saboteurs, they're now cracking down on those in the spotlight. Think red baiting, with a green twist. ''

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